June 23, 2024

The Interfaith Committee, along with Weaver Chapel, hosted the first “Food for Thought” this past week, a continuation from a series of luncheons last year. These lunches are held during chapel time and are used as a time to discuss issues involving Interfaith.

The theme of this luncheon was why it is so hard to discuss religion. Attendees pondered questions pertaining to their own faith in relation to their peers. A list of seven guidelines for discussing Interfaith were presented to attendees to assure positive conversations, as well as to assist in the theme in discussing religion.

Highlighting the luncheon was Emma Lyons, ‘19, an Interfaith Senator speaking about her own faith: Unitarian Universalism. Lyons provided information on a faith base that is lesser known to many on campus. From the founding to how Lyons has experienced the faith in her own life, a wonderful presentation was provided. Lyons provided an excellent example on how to not only speak about religion, but how to be positive to a room of many different backgrounds.

It is clear that Interfaith work has a special place in the life of Lyons.

“We are all different and that is a beautiful thing,” Lyons said. “By having these tough conversations, we all grow.”

It was obvious that many of the attendees were ready to experience those tough conversations and grow together. No matter what background a person may come from, it was clear that the majority of attendees felt comfortable sharing experiences from their own life in hopes of aiding in a constructive conversation.

The Interfaith Committee will host more “Food for Thought” lunches during the coming year to continue the discussion on Interfaith.


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