June 18, 2024

This past Wednesday, Union Board partnered with SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) to produce an exhilarating kickball tournament that perpetuated a healthy level of competition among eight fierce teams.

The area around the Student Center was buzzing with excitement and cheers. Clubs and organizations selected their finest representatives to put foot to ball, playing back-to-back games on Stoughton Lawn and Chapel Lawn.

Emerging victorious after three intense match-ups was the Men’s Lacrosse Team. Still, everyone was a winner when mac-and-cheese and chicken tenders were provided as post-tournament refreshments. The event was free-of-charge.

SAAC President Abby Haab, ’18, and Union Board coordinator Vanessa Orduna, ’20, were more than pleased with the turnout.

“One of the missions of Union Board is to provide alternative options to drinking and alcohol,” Orduna said. “We wanted something all students could relate to and play. We made that goal. I feel like people are excited to come out and play a friendly game.”

Haab agreed.

“We’re excited to have put it on,” Haab said. “Originally we had seven signed up, but there’s more than seven here. We’re definitely happy.”

When asked if she had her money on any team at the beginning of the event, Orduna revealed that she’d place it on her fellow Gamma Phi Beta sisters.

“I’m biased because I love my sisters,” she said.

The game brought out shades of enthusiasm from many students. Representing her Sigma Kappa sisters, Kat Nydegger, ’19, was beaming with pep.

“It’s so cool to be able to burn off some steam while rivaling it out with my homies,” Nydegger said.

From the women’s basketball team, Hannah Weaver, ’19, found that the event brought back some childhood memories.

“I think it’s so cool because I haven’t played kickball since elementary school,” Weaver said.

Duking it out on behalf of Delta Tau Delta, Charles Rodeheffer, ’19, noted how the event was somewhat different from others happening on campus.

“I’m super excited to have the opportunity to engage with my classmates, doing something unique on a Wednesday night,” Rodeheffer said.

Everyone managed to come up with fun names for their teams. On behalf of Kappa Delta, Olivia Racanelli, ’19, explained the process behind theirs: “The Kickin’ KD’s.”

“We kick balls,” Racanelli said. “It’s a fun time. We’re confident; Go KD, go confident.”

Another team with a creative name was Gamma Phi Beta’s: “Team Gamma Fine.” Its members reflected the optimism of the team name. Sam Bausch, ’17, Erin Bellanger, ’18 and Liz Tolliver, ’19, showed immense team pride.

“We’re honored to be among these athletic teams,” said Bellanger. “We’re not going to forfeit. We’re here to win it all.”

Bausch echoed Bellanger’s enthusiasm.

“We’re just happy to be here,” Bausch agreed.

Tolliver also agreed with her teammates.

“We feel pretty good,” Tolliver said. “We have strong girls.”

At the event’s conclusion, everyone appeared pleased with the effort of their respective teams.

While kickball might not always be the first idea that a person has when thinking of something fun to do, it was clear that students on Stoughton got a kick out of the night’s activities.


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