May 19, 2024

The annual tradition of Unity Week will return on Wittenberg’s campus Oct. 30 through Nov. 3.
“Unity week is about coming together as Wittenberg students despite our differences in thoughts,” Leula Bulcha, ‘20 and Concerned Black Students president, said. “We all have different backgrounds and ethnicities, but Unity Week is the week we put those differences aside.”
Unity Week has become a part of Wittenberg’s identity. It exemplifies an effort to involve the entire campus in promoting unity as a community that respects and supports diversity. There are various events throughout the week, such as an international panel of Halloween Costumes and Cultural Appropriation hosted by American International Alliance, Haunted House by Concerned Black Students, Unity Week March, Communication and Gender Panel with Drag Queens, the Drag Show and lastly, the take down of the wall with the Wittenberg Community.
In the fall of 2014, the Wittenberg students adopted a well known tradition that other campuses do across the country called “Writing on the Wall Project.” The “Writing on the Wall Project” involves the construction of a wall of blocks on campus where students, faculty and staff write words that are used to offend, hurt and marginalize individuals or groups. The idea behind the writing on the wall can be traced back to the phrase “The Writing is on The Wall” meaning that the condition, activity and behavior is coming to an end.
Student leader, Jubileen Kombe, ’20, shared what Unity Week means to her.
“To me, Unity Week represents the idea of openness and acceptance,” Kombe said. “Sometimes we separate ourselves, but at the end of the day, we are all Wittenberg.”
The act of pulling down the wall symbolizes the Wittenberg community’s rejection of all those offensive words that are used for the purpose of hurting and marginalizing individuals or group.
Jillian Poska, ‘21, Gender Straight Diversity Alliance Senator explained why she thinks the week is important.
“I think Unity Week is a great idea because it’s important to be educated on the experiences of others,” Poska said.
Unity Week is sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Programs.

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