May 19, 2024

Wittenberg students had the opportunity to learn and share various religious traditions with their families at the Celebration of Traditions this past Wednesday.

The program was sponsored by Maddy O’Malley, ‘18, from Student Senate, Rachel Tune and Emma Lyons, ‘19, from the Interfaith Committee. The purpose of the program was to celebrate student’s diverse family traditions.

“Food is one of the biggest traditions; we all would come together through food,” Zara Tickner, ’18, said as she shared her story.

Kathryn Nydegger, ’19, shared her experience of worshiping with her family while enjoying the outdoors.

“My favorite memory is being in the woods and going on a retreat where we would worship and share our experiences,” Nydegger said.

O’Malley, who helped coordinate the event, was very pleased with the turnout.

“I was happy; we just wanted to have a casual event where people could come talk and listen to the religious traditions celebrated this time of the year,” O’Malley said.

Students like Aacha Gregg, ’20, and Danny O’Nan, ’21, expressed their favorite parts of the event.

“My favorite part about the event was that you got to hear a diverse amount of traditions and saw people that didn’t know each other talking to each other about their traditions,” Gregg said.

O’Nan also remarked about it being a wonderful experience to hear about all the different traditions that exist.

“I thought it was a really great first step to help bridge the gap between Student Senate and the student body,” O’Nan said.

Tune thought O’Malley and Lyons did a great job organizing the event, as she commented that it was wonderful to hear about traditions different people followed.

The event was an introduction to next semester, which will focus on diversity topics.


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