April 19, 2024

On Jan. 23, Wittenberg’s Theater and Dance program hosted their first Gonzo night of the spring semester at Chakeres Memorial Theater.

The theater was packed with students, all ecstatic and ready to watch the performers act out of their play. The hosts of the night were senior Colin Sparks and junior Kristen Feigel. They both happened to be matching with orange shirts and blue jeans, both extremely interactive with the audience.

They choose random students to throw out candy and ramen noodles to the crowd. They also chose to play a mini game to take a break in-between plays. The game was sing-a-song or name a song that started with a certain word. For one game, the word was rock and four different students tried to figure out songs that contained the word rock in them.

The majority of attendees were filled with laughter during different performances. There were five different skits being performed, with each skit written and performed by Wittenberg students.

The majority of the actors in the skits were students that have previously been cast in other school plays like “Stickfly” and “Careless Love.”

Gonzo was a night that introduced the idea of acting and directing to students who are curious about it.

All of the skits that night were being performed on the set of Dryland. Drlyand is the first play that Wittenberg will be hosting for the spring semester, occurring from Feb. 1 through Super Bowl Sunday.

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