April 13, 2024

Being a college student often means you don’t have very much money, free time or a chance to get off campus, but that doesn’t have to mean you’re limited with ideas for fun dates you and your sweetheart can do this Valentine’s Day.

Listed below are eight of the best date spots around Wittenberg’s campus:

The Hollow: Day or night, the Hollow is one of the first places that students go to when seeking a Wittenberg adventure. The famous red chairs are a perfect place to sit down and enjoy the fresh air without ever having to leave campus. Whether it’s a study date between classes or keeping the streaking tradition alive, there are countless things you and your valentine can do to enjoy the open space in the Hollow.

The Weight Room: The gym gives you an opportunity to see a side of your partner you don’t usually see; it allows you to build trust and work on communication. Nothing builds a bond between a couple faster than working on your physical health together and becoming swolmates.

CDR: Eating a meal with your significant other is a chance for couples to talk and get to know each other on a more intimate level, and there is no better place to do that than at the CDR, or Post if you want a little upgrade. Waiting in lines gives you a chance to communicate with your partner and the all-you-can-eat style buffet can teach you a lot about them as well.

The Kissing Bridge: This beautiful piece of Wittenberg’s campus was a gift from the classes of ‘96 and ‘97 that was designed to connect Ferncliff Hall to Commencement Hollow, but now serves a bigger purpose. According to tradition, a couple that kisses on the bridge will someday get married.

Springfield Museum Of Art: Once owned by Wittenberg, this museum collects, preserves and exhibits works of art that inspire and educate. There are many unique things that make this place a perfect date spot and its location is the first. Less than a block outside campus, it sits next to a river surrounded by trees and bike paths that runs through Veteran’s Park and Snyder Park. On a warm spring afternoon, this place is the perfect way to pass time.

The Tunnels: One of Wittenberg’s most known rumors is that there are secret tunnels underneath campus that only a select few students and staff members know about. Since this hasn’t been publicly confirmed, they might be hard to find, but if you can locate them then its certainly worth adding to your list of date ideas.

Edwards-Maurer Field: The stadium hosts many outdoor events and serves as the competition home of Tiger field hockey, football, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and men’s and women’s soccer teams, and is encircled by Earl F. Morris Track. Over the years, the stadium has seen plenty of action and by adding this to your date list, your life will be guaranteed to have a little bit more adventure in it.

Ferncliff Cemetery: Across the street from campus is Ferncliff Cemetery, an unlikely place to take your Valentine’s Day sweetheart on a romantic date, but for students that have been dying to get out and explore the grounds. The cemetery is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is full of history that will fascinate any member of the Wittenberg community. Whether it’s the waterfalls and ponds or the Hollenbeck and Koch tombstones, this place offers a nice way to pace time without having to leave campus or spend money.

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