May 30, 2024

Across from the Springfield Regional Medical Center lays a quaint diner, red awning fraying at its edges, spelling out “Restaurant” in faded yellow letters. Although this might not seem like the most pleasant place to stop for lunch, don’t let the outer decorations fool you.

Taqueria Señor Piquin is a locally-owned Mexican-style restaurant, featuring its menu of tacos galore. Each plate is prepared in less than 10 minutes, so you won’t be spending your lunch hour waiting to consume your food.

Because of its hours of operation, students should take a break from campus during a busy school day to enjoy a lunch meal in a place that smells good, with food that tastes especially good, for a little amount of money.

Depending on where students sit, they can watch workers cook their food while sitting at on a row of barstools, or they can sit next to the wide windows, watching traffic and passers-by on their daily commute.

And, the food. Each dish is carefully crafted and tastes like authentic Mexican cuisine. Although the menu doesn’t seem like much on a double-sided plastic menu, each dish is handcrafted and full of flavor, never leaving your mouth hungering for more.

From carne azada (grilled steak) to pollo azado (grilled chicken) to bistek (beef), the combinations are endless, enabling students to try a multitude of different combinations for a cheap price. A single taco is only $1.50, so students can try three tacos for only $4.50, which is a rather good deal for students on a strict budget. From there, the menu ranges around a price point of $5.50 per burrito/torta to its most expensive option of $17, which is the mixed meat plate.

Taqueria Señor Piquin also serves tortas, burritos, chilaquiles, enchiladas, cubanas and mixed meat plates, each customizable for an individual’s tastebuds, which a variety of meat or vegetarian options.

And, to those looking to get some practice with Spanish, there is ample opportunity to practice with each of the workers in the restaurant.

Monday through Wednesday, Taqueria Señor Piquin is open from 9 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., but the restaurant extends its Thursday through Saturday hours until 8 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Taqueria Señor Piquin is located at 337 West Columbia Street, at the corner of W. Columbia and Plum Street. If students drive, it is only four minutes away from the Student Center, but for those walking, it is only a 21-minute walk, making it an easy trek as the weather begins to warm up later in the semester.

For more information, students can call the restaurant at 937-323-8480, or view the menu at by searching Taqueria Señor Piquin.

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