June 18, 2024

mester in a row, Pub Theology was held in Founder’s on Wednesday, Feb. 21. Starting at 5 p.m., this event was sponsored by Wittenberg’s own Weaver Chapel.

Beyond its appeal as a friendly and laid-back get-together with complimentary nachos, Pub Theology is an event at which people of all faith backgrounds come together and ask questions of each other. Thus, students, joined by two members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, found themselves in a comfortable setting holding conversations with each other about their personal beliefs.

Compared to the first event held in the fall, which focused on Martin Luther and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this second event was slightly different. This time, the people seated at each table chose their own discussion topics.

One discussion that event organizer Megan Mong, ‘19, took part in was a discussion on the nature of heaven and hell.

“You’re never really quite sure who is interested, so it is exciting to see who takes part,” Mong said. “It’s interesting to hear what everyone’s opinions are.”

This unique experience was inspired by other faith-based communities in Springfield that have organized the same type of events.

In addition to bringing multiple perspectives together, Weaver Chapel sponsors Pub Theology in the hopes of reaching out to more of the campus community in a fun and constructive way.

Mong is hopeful that Pub Theology will continue with each new semester.

“So long as people continue to be interested, I think we should hold them,” Mong said.


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