April 13, 2024

Every year, Wittenberg hosts a majors fair in Pam Evans Smith Arena. This event is required for all first-year students to attend, but is open for everyone if they want to explore their options or considering switching their major or minor.
The majors fair showcased the variety of interests Wittenberg has to offer. By attending this event, many students could potentially declare their minor, or in a few cases, their major. Each major has upperclassmen representing their major and overall department they fall into. All of the stands handed out flyers and pamphlets about classes being offered in upcoming semesters and ways to get involved.
Attending this event is eye-opening for students in which they interact with upperclassmen to decided when they are considering a certain major or looking for an interesting class to take.
A majority of students have an idea of they want to study, whether that be biology or business. Students can ask questions to professors about any their program as a majority of professors also attend this event and are able to sign off major and minor forms. Meeting one of these professors can enable them to become your academic adviser.
Aliza Johnson, ’21, has not declared but has an idea that she will major in English and minor in journalism or something religious related. She told me that she enjoys reading and writing so she is more leaning on a major in English because many potential options with that major.
Regardless of whether a student finds their major at the event, all students have to declare a major by spring semester of their sophomore year.

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