June 13, 2024

Registration, Friday 4:00 p.m.
Sibs Weekend is here again! Several siblings arrived a little before registration and opted to browse the bookstore before checking in. The line was short and quick as the Student Senate members passed out schedules for the weekend’s events to each student checking in.
Trivia Night, Friday 8:00 p.m.
On Friday night, there was a special trivia night for students and their sibs in Founders Pub. Chemistry professor Ray Dudek hosted the night with special sibling categories for the picture round and round four.
Founders was packed with the Wednesday night regulars and newcomers with siblings. After spelling out the rules for everyone, including no cellular device policy, the night was off. Many teams knew answers right off the rip and everyone knew because of the sound of feverishly scribbled words. The first two rounds went well, with a few misses here or there, specifically in the Easter round. But, when the round three, the visual round, was passed out, everyone smiled because the pictures were of cartoon characters, and to receive points you had to identify their siblings. Characters ranged from Disney Channel TV shows to “South Park,” and was a round that teams either did well or poorly in. The five possible points that could be earned here were spread out over 10 questions and would make or break your team’s ranking for the night.
Round four rolled around and the team in last place could choose the category: sisters or brothers. The team was a pair of sisters, so naturally they opted for sisters. This is where many teams shined and was the only category that some received all five points in. At the end of the night, prizes were awarded to the top three teams, but even those who did not win had fun and left smiling.
“My brother and I both enjoy trivia, regularly, so it was really fun for us to do it together, as a team, even though we lost,” Destiny Paulen, ’21, said.
Carnival Themed Lunch, Saturday 11:00-1:00 p.m.
Pairing up with the carnival being held in the HPER from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., the CDR hosted a carnival themed brunch where all the stations were transformed and served carnival food.
Everything you could have wanted was served, from corndogs with macaroni and cheese, to loaded nachos and funnel cakes. The students who had siblings with them were excited, but the students who had no idea there would be carnival food were even more stoked. It was a nice change from the typical breakfast spread served on Saturday and Sundays.
The room was filled with “Oh my gosh, there’s funnel cakes!” and “Ooh, corndogs sound great!”
Sibs Weekend Carnival, Saturday 1:00-4:00 p.m.
The HPER was transformed into a carnival for the afternoon. There were children and families of all ages that had come out to join in on the festivities. There were games that tested your balance, muscles and wit.
While waiting in line to get her caricature done, Jamey Rettig, ’20, said that “the caricatures are neat.” The line was long but worth it, as the artist worked quickly and efficiently. The little kids loved walking away and seeing which features had been exaggerated in their drawing.
The most popular line at the carnival was the mini Build-A-Tiger station. The little kids absolutely loved it and for those Witt students who missed out on the actual Build-A-Tiger this year, it was a nice substitute.
Witt’s Got Talent, Saturday 9:00 p.m.
The talent show was presented by Union Board and Residence Life, served up with free popcorn and held in Founders. There were two acts in the show: the first was Adam Headlee, ’19, and his presidential impersonations. Headlee started with John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, worked his way to Barack Obama, then current President Donald Trump, and ended with a requested encore of Bernie Sanders. Who, he reminded, was not president. That act was followed by a student’s younger sibling with a dance routine, who had the entire room cheering for her. Both performances were well liked by the audience, but ended quickly.
To save the night, Union Board opened the mic to the floor for karaoke. There were many students that were eager to get on stage and perform. The karaoke portion was filled with a lot of Disney music, from “High School Musical” to “Frozen” and “Mulan.” The audience would sing along, if they knew the words, and everyone had a great time.

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