April 13, 2024

Since the beginning of the season, the Women’s Golf team has been doing well. The team has placed in first, second and, in the last few tournaments, the team has placed third. There is one athlete that stands out: senior, Jane Hopkinson-Wood.

Hopkinson-Wood is a sports management major from Pottstown, PA, where she attended The Hill School. She started golfing because a neighbor introduced her to the sport, but she did not get serious until her freshman year of high school.

From the moment that she touched the green here at Wittenberg, Hopkinson-Wood has been a standout on the team and has successfully made her name known within collegiate golfing.

Wittenberg became Hopkinson-Wood’s home away from home because she was “fell in love with campus.” Witt also had her major and she “loved the team culture within the athletic department and the golf program.”

According to Hopkinson-Wood, Witt’s program has a winning culture and is a competitive team, but competitive in a positive way, as they work harder and push each other to accomplish their goals, specifically this season.

Her favorite thing about this season is the “team atmosphere; we have been the closest we’ve ever been in my team here at Witt.” The team comradery that has been displayed this season can be seen on and off the course.

This season has been the best one yet for Hopkinson-Wood, as she has won four out of five tournaments. She is excited to see what the rest of the season has in store, not only for herself but also for her teammates.

As of right now, Hopkinson-Wood has been awarded the title of First Team, All-American three times and has won 13 tournaments in her golf career. On March 12, she was named NCAC Player of the Week for the third time and then on March 26 was named NCAC Golfer of the Week. Currently, Hopkinson-Wood is ranked number one in in the nation for Division III women’s golfers.

But, Hopkinson-Wood is much more than her golfing stats. She is involved in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), a member of Kappa Delta and occasionally helps the Field Hockey team with creating their promo videos.

When asked what her favorite thing about golf is, Hopkinson-Wood responded with: “There is no perfect score, you can always improve and you never know what will happen in a round.”

The one thing that Hopkinson-Wood wanted people to know is: “I have to thank Coach Roope; I wouldn’t be the player I am today without him, and the team, they are the reason I work hard.”

Finally, she had to thank Coach Kelley Hubbell for her mentorship over the last four years.

After graduation, Hopkinson-Wood hopes to become a collegiate golf coach.

She is stoked for the rest of the season with her team because they are ready to “Tiger Up!” at conference.

Look out for the Women’s Golf team as they head to the Laura Bump Invitational in Ostrander, Ohio on April 7.

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