May 19, 2024

Alpha Delta Pi hosted its spring philanthropy event last week, Burgers and Fries with ADPis; the first time the sorority has hosted the event.

ADPi sister Grace Worley, ’20, was in charge of planning the philanthropy event, which included talking to ADPi’s chef to see the food-related options for a spring philanthropy event, which started being planned weeks ago.

“We have never done Burgers and Fries with ADPi’s before, so I am really happy with the turnout of this first-time event,” Worley said.

The event raised a total of $2,100 and the sisters of ADPi served 240 plates of food throughout the two and a half hour event, welcoming each attendee warmly into the house with big smiles and thanks for attending.

Attendees had the option of regular or vegetarian burgers, fries and cookies as their dinner.

Lexi Gallion, ’19, who tried the vegetarian burger, said that she was pleased with the food that the ADPis served.

“Everything was delicious,” Gallion said. “The atmosphere was really wonderful and everyone was so welcoming.”

Many of the ADPi sisters wandered about the tables mid-event, checking up on attendees to make sure that they had everything that they needed while also providing conversation.

James Hagerman, ’20, and Seth Quay, ’18, agreed with Gallion, both enjoying regular burgers and fries.

“The food was great, and it made it even better to know that the money being spent was going to a great cause,” Hagerman said.

All sitting together, Hagerman, Gallion and Quay enjoyed the comfort of their food and friends.

“The burgers were great, but the atmosphere was even better,” Quay said. “Always a fantastic time with good friends around.”

Because the weather was sunny, attendees could either sit inside the ADPi house or outside on the patio. Many attendees came with their respective sports teams or sororities and fraternities, enveloping stragglers into their tables to create an even more inviting atmosphere.

All of the proceeds from the event go straight to the Ronald McDonald House of Dayton.

Worley, although she was happy with how smoothly the event went, shared that she was even happier with the support of her sisters throughout the entirety of the event.

“I actually had several of my ADPi sisters come up to me during the event and ask me how I was so calm, and I just told them that it was not a stressful event to plan,” Worley said. “With our whole chapter helping the day of the event, everything went as smooth as possible.”

In the future, Worley hopes to try the event again because of how successful it was.


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