July 14, 2024

Approximately 20,000 meals for children in Africa resulted from one night of dancing.

The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative held their second annual gala on Friday, April 13, where the non-profit raised over $2,000 toward their mission to feed children and families in Lesotho.

Every dollar donated can provide about 10 meals, according to an LNI officer. Lesotho is a small, land-locked country inside South Africa.

The annual event, now in its second year, was open to the entire Wittenberg community. Approximately 100 were in attendance.

The LNI Gala came just a week after the student-organizations 24-hour Pack-a-thon, where Wittenberg came together to pack 80,000 meals for the struggling country. Since January, LNI has hosted various other packing events at local churches, high schools and other colleges. They are trying to reach a goal of 500,000 meals packed

Guests crowded into the makeshift ballroom, arriving dressed in full suits, casual dresses and some in shorts and a polo. It was the relaxed atmosphere that brought everyone together, despite the dance floor being the facade of the Central Dining Room.

While there was no true red carpet rolled out for the benefit, those in attendance knew the true benefit of being at the event and that there was nothing more meaningful to do on a Friday night.

Those enjoying the gala indulged themselves on the CDR pizza made available to them. Of age attendees had access to the cash bar operated by Parkhurst.

“The margaritas are to die for,” one student said.

The LNI banner and Lesotho flag provided ambiance for perfect photo opportunities. Although, the cameraman floated around the room.

While the lighting and space perfected the evening, the music did not. The DJ was not ready for accidental skips of songs that the dancers approved of or the song requests that disinterested a majority of the dancers.

Beyond ticket sales, LNI pushed raffle tickets for more money to be converted to necessary meals for children. Prizes included LNI t-shirts and gift cards.

LNI was recognized for their “Contributions to Community Involvement” recently at the annual campus Leadership Awards last week.

The first gala, held in 2017, had a goal of raising $1,200 and surpassed to $2,000, according to the LNI blog.

The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative was started by a group of students that shared concern of the malnutrition and health of children in Africa. The organization has packed almost 500,000 meals since their establishment.

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