May 22, 2024

After weeks of anticipating, Wittfest finally arrived this past Saturday. The weather was beautiful, the bright and sunny day welcome after the brief bout of snow.

The day started at 11 a.m. with the Food Truck Fest by Hollenbeck Hall.

“My favorite part of Wittfest this year was the food trucks,” senior Kaitlyn McMurtrie happily confessed. “[Especially] the Thai one.”

Thai 1 On, the Thai food truck, was especially popular among students. Another favorite was McNasty’s Great Food Express, which in addition to serving sandwiches, sold Young’s ice cream.

After the food trucks had shared their food with tipsy and sober students alike, the BBQ and Bluegrass Festival kicked off at 4 p.m. with even more great food, as well as a mechanical bull, a Euro jump and The Muleskinners, a group of friendly-looking bluegrass gentlemen. It had the relaxed and comfortable air of a state fair without the over-priced food, and students had the opportunity to buy some Wittfest merch there too. The food trucks and bluegrass were a great set-up for the concert in the HPER later that night.

Union Board worked incredibly hard since the end of last year’s Wittfest to organize the whole event, and even if there were a few bumps along the way, they were grateful to have so many people excited to participate in all the events.

“Everyone’s had such a big role in planning,” Abby Glass, a freshman who had joined Union Board last Christmas, said. “So I’m really excited to it actually happening.”

Glass was most looking forward to the Paint Rave that happened later that night.

“I’m excited to get to throw paint on people,” she said while laughing.

Wittfest was a great way to end the 2017-2018 school year. Students got to relax, drink a little bit and have fun on campus, enjoying the hard work of the Union Board and faculty. For the seniors, it was a great way to wrap up their college adventure. And for the freshmen, it was a day to celebrate surviving their first year of college.


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