May 21, 2024

A brand-new club is in the process of forming here at Wittenberg, Color Guard Club. This club will be the first of its kind on campus, the closest thing that Witt has ever had is the dance team.

While there are several names for Color Guard all are grouped under the umbrella term. Color Guard performs alongside the marching band during half-time at football games, and after the season, competitions begin. During competition season, the Guard performs their routines and are scored. The routines performed can use flags, rifles and sabers.

Heading up the new club is Charlotte Cameron, ‘21. Cameron was involved in her school’s color guard from her eighth grade year all the way through high school. During her final two years in high school, Cam eron was the captain of the team, that consisted of 18-20 students in its entirety. That experience is what inspired Cameron to start up the club here at Witt. She spent all summer planning and working everything out so that when she arrived at Witt this fall, they could hit the ground running.

While being captain, Cameron worked closely with the director to construct routines and get their Winter Guard ready to compete. She said that her “experience as an officer” in high school is helping her now with the meetings and conversations she is having to get the club off the ground.

Currently, the club has a roster of 18 members, four of which are on the executive committee for the team. There is a fifth spot open and up for grabs by anyone who joins the team and fits the bill for the position. The club had a table at the Involvement Fair this year, but Cameron is worried that there was “not enough representation” and hopes to make next year will be better and more eye catching. While the first meeting date is yet to be determined, there will be flyers out promoting the meeting with all the information.

When the Color Guard Club begins students can join the club and “can show up” to “just have fun” and learn about Color Guard and what it is like to work with the flags and other instruments or they can come to practice. The kind of practice that is held will depend upon everyone’s experience and that will be built up as the team evolves.

While the club is getting off the ground, the team will start off with practices and hopefully will be performing at basketball games this season. Cameron is hoping to eventually work up to performing at football games and attending Winter Guard competitions. When asked about what direction she sees the team going in, Cameron responded with- “I know what I want to do, but it’s not about me, it’s about what we want to do as a team.” She is hoping to work together with the club and shape it into whatever they want to make it.

Be on the look-out for social media accounts for the Color Guard and posters that are “getting the name out there” as the semester progresses.

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