July 14, 2024

On Monday Sept. 3, an event was held in Wittenberg’s Ness Auditorium to honor three men of M2S2, or Minority Men Striving to Succeed.
M2S2 is a self-funded organization that seeks to build minority men on campus. Through weekly discussions on issues with masculinity, manhood, talks about relationships and various other topics, M2S2 engages students in their own identity and success.
Jason Gregory, ’20, Jonathan Seay, ’20, and Christopher Riviere, ’19, received the “Senior Mentor” award for two years of leadership in the program.
The event began with an opening prayer by Pastor Rachel Tune, followed by dinner made by two of the three advisors of the program, associate professor of philosophy Julius Bailey, and audio/visual technician Ray Jones.
The night was full of laughter as Wittenberg faculty shared funny stories and celebrated with the young men on their achievement. Bailey mentioned the time he and Gregory ate chicken “deep in the hood,” Bailey said, where Gregory conversed with those who walked through the door of the restaurant.
Jones, who watched Gregory grow up as a child in the church they attended in Springfield said, “I’m proud of this young man and the things that he’s accomplished and the service he’s put in…” Describing that service, Jones mentioned the Lawn care business Gregory started while still putting effort into his academics.
“Jason always strives for excellence,” he further said.
Athletic Director Dr. Gary Williams felt the same about Seay.
“Not only does he lead by example on the football field,” Williams said, “but all across campus people know Jonathan as a humble leader who represents what the Greeks called arete’ which means excellence.” Expressing his thankfulness for how Seay has impacted the campus, Williams added, “Everything that you have touched here has turned into gold.”
Associate Professor, Dr. Patrick Reynolds spoke about Riviere in high regard as he recalled the day he first met him. This was before Riviere declared a theatre major, but Reynolds was impressed by what it takes to do what Riviere does.
“Chris is a once-in-a-generation student who in 30-40 years we will look at his career and be awed by the fact that it began here at Wittenberg,” said Reynolds.
As a closing remark, President Frandsen motioned to new recruits to take a lesson from the leaders that spoke that night. He also shared his appreciation for the organization and thanked all who were involved for “being amongst the best Wittenberg has to offer.”

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