May 22, 2024

Imagine a holiday where students, staff and faculty take a day off from work. Now imagine having class or work on that holiday. What is the name of the holiday? Well, it is called Labor day, and during this time, no one should have classes.
However, for Witt faculty and students this is not the case. Lots of students and staff agree.
“It’s Labor day, and you’re celebrating your work till now, plus you should have the day off,” said Steven Johnson, ‘21. Johnson is not the only student who thinks that faculty and students should get Labor Day off.  
“Yes because we deserve a break and it’s a national holiday,” said Ryley Dunphy ‘21.
Destiny Paulin, ’21, states “I think Labor Day is one of the few weekday holidays that impact both teachers and students because we are all here working hard together and we should get the day off.”
Saqib Rasheed, ’22, agreed “yes, because most schools in America have labor day off, I feel like it’s a day where faculty and students should rest and catch up on things that they are far behind on, and to destress.”
Stephanie Bidwill ‘21 states “I feel like that what’s labor day is about.”  To clarify Bidwill, Labor Day is a time to relax from all the hard work we all did and having one day off won’t kill us. Eveline Chandran ‘21  states “yes because everyone has the day off and everyone can get a chance to rejuvenate.”
However, a student agrees, but not in the same way the others have. “Yeah, but it should be up to the professor,” said Alex Quillin ‘19.  
Not only students agree, faculty and staff agree as well; they even argue for getting Memorial day off.

“Yes, because it’s a holiday and we should celebrate the military, and we work on other days,” said Deborah Burks, a staff member in Post 95.  
There was a surprise in the mix. Wendy  S. Smiseck, a director, who gets that day off states “it should be a holiday for all and it’s surprising to me that faculty and students don’t get it off.”  
As result, Witt students, staff, and other faculty all agree that the campus should cancel classes on Labor for relaxation, catching up and recuperating.

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