June 18, 2024

Last Saturday, the second Witt Late Night of the semester was hosted in the HPER Center from 8pm-midnight.

“I’m watching my friend get his ass beat by a girl,” Emma Menjivar said, a freshman sports management major.

With students spread around throughout the gym at different activities, this Witt Late Night featured a Twister, a giant Light Brite, cornhole, giant Pong, hillbilly golf, Hungry Human Hippos, Knights of Witt, a four square tournament, basketball, a nacho bar, Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

Jess Stormoen, a senior English and history major, said there was supposed to be a rock climbing wall, but because of the weather, that was cancelled. She also said the advisory board tried to follow a theme of sporting event games or “a variety of outdoor games that are indoor.”

Although there was only about a handful of students at each station, students were able to meet new people and enjoy some food and games with each other.

The purpose of Witt Late Nights is to give students an alternative other than partying said Stormoen. She said these events are a good excuse to take a break, grab some food and stop alcohol poisoning.

“[I’d like to see] more of them, more people coming to them and knowing what Witt Late Night means/ what they are,” said Stormoen.

“I think it definitely benefits students to step away from the party scene for 15 minutes or a couple hours,” Annie Carroll said, a senior education major.

Stormoen and Carroll are on the advisory board that is in charge of Witt Late Nights. Carroll said the advisory board is constantly growing and there are between 15 to 20 people currently on it.

There is usually one Witt Late Night per month and there should be four this fall semester stated Carroll.

Witt Late Nights provide students with bigger programming and new activities for students to join in on. Stormoen said these events are rather large for the program itself being small Carroll said.

Both Carroll and Stormoen said they would like to see more students come out to them.

The advisory board splits up into groups and each group covers one of the Witt Late Nights, where they decide on the programs chosen Carrol said. They are then given a budget and get to pick activities. She said they try to bring new ideas to Witt— not something students have already seen on campus.

Witt Late Nights are still fairly new, but it’s really cool to see them progress and become more popular Carroll said.

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