May 22, 2024

“Wittenberg can be a bubble,” is a common saying among Wittenberg students.

We get over-involved, procrastinate on piles of homework and become so focused on campus that we forget about the opportunities surrounding us.

On the surface, Springfield can seem bland, but upon a closer look, the city is filled with history and art, many weekly events and an abundance of beautiful and peaceful locations.

Around here, I’m considered a “townie.” I was born and raised in Springfield, and although the city can seem low key and boring, there is an abundance of good energy if you look in the right places.

I’ve been here for twenty years, and I still find new places to explore, do homework and hang out.

So here we are folks, some places the locals go (including me) that you should check out as well.

One, let’s start with what almost every college student drinks on the daily—coffee. Coffee Expressions is located on N. Plum St, which is less than a mile from campus. Their location has indoor seating featuring plenty of windows to let in natural sunlight. If you’re looking for a breeze then head outside to their quite table for two. Not to mention their drinks are fantastic, and their baked goods always hit the spot.

Two, if you’re hoping to be surrounded by nature, then you’re in luck. Veterans Park Amphitheater has many grassy areas perfect for studying. If you like rock climbing, there are several cliffs to explore. If you stay on campus over the summer, the Springfield Arts Festival is held here, featuring many concerts and food trucks.

Three, check out Snyder Park. It has many benches overlooking the lakes filled with ducks and geese, along with tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, shelter houses with grills and even a dog park—Central Bark. If you want to go fishing, this is a good area to explore.

Four, if you are interested in the history of Springfield, then head over to the Heritage Center. This building is full of galleries showing Springfield’s past and is run by more than 90 volunteers. Admission to the museum is free. Side note, this year they are throwing their first annual Wizard’s Ball on Oct. 13. Check out their website for more details.

Five, Un Mundo Café is located in the front of the Heritage Center, selling a variety of items from coffee and iced drinks, to paninis and salads. Everything on their menu is less than ten dollars, and they also host plenty of events like poetry readings and musical performances.

Six, if you like fruit, plants, art and crafts and food, then The Old Capital Farmer’s Market is perfect for you. It is held every Saturday starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 12:30 p.m. right next to the Heritage Center. Here you’ll find fresh produce, home grown succulents and flowers, homemade jams, jellies and snacks and you’ll even get to munch on the tasty food from local food trucks.

Seven, Ferncliff Cemetery is located less than a mile from campus. I know this sounds kind of spooky, but trust me. There are many beautiful places to sit and do homework, including benches and grass fields. If you’re like me, you’ll love being surrounded by the giant monuments and old grave stones.

Eight, if you’re looking to do some hiking in your free time, head down to John Bryan near Yellow Springs. There are many trails to follow, as well as a waterfall called The Gorge.

While these are not the only places to adventure in Springfield, these are some good starting points. Go out and look; you’ll be surprised what you find.

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