June 13, 2024

There were also some alumni who had siblings or relatives who were current Witt students, using Family Weekend as an opportunity to come back to campus for a brief time.

“[It was] really weird, actually, being back on campus” said Brigid Morgan, who graduated from Witt last spring. “But it’s a weekend, so it’s okay,” she continued with a laugh, comforted that she didn’t have to stay and go to classes on Monday.

Morgan’s younger sister, Dorothy, is a first semester freshmen on campus, and Brigid along with their third sister and parents were all there in Founders. The night was just like any other Trivia Night, with fun nicknames for teams and friendly competition all around.

During the last round, Professor Dudek allowed the losing team to pick between questions about mothers or questions about fathers and mothers was picked. The winning team, “The Dynamic Duo Plus a Mom” was comprised Sophie Erieau, ‘19, and Amber Mosback, ‘19, along with one of their mothers. Despite some mix-ups about time and Dudek being forced to use a student’s laptop to run the game, families were still glad to end their Saturday night with one of Witt’s favorite, friendly traditions.

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