May 22, 2024

Green Club’s Succulent Event sold out within six minutes on Thursday at 5 p.m. in Geil Lounge, where students came together to share their love for plants and the environment.

“Our mission is to bring awareness about the impact that we, as humans, have on the environment,” Genevieve Spiridigliozzi, ‘21, the president of Green Club, said.

Jason Collins,’20, organized the succulent event, where the club bought 35 plants. He said he thought the event would sell out, because students get to take something home with them.

Collins’ speculations were right and Green Club ended up closing up the event and turning students away.

Next time for a Succulent Event they will have at least 100 plants as there will be another one next semester Spiridigliozzi said.

The purpose of the Succulent Event was to bring awareness to Green Club and bring more people into the club, Spiridigliozzi commented.

In the future, “As a club, we’d like to build a culture of the Green Club on campus. We want to make it more prevalent,” Collins said.

Typically, Green Club has about 20 members at meetings, but around 300 on their e-mail list.

Emily Nolan, ‘22, attended the event and said she was excited for it. Nolan said she and her two other friends named their succulents—Nolan named her succulent Beezus and likes that students were provided with a sheet on how to take care of their succulent.

“I think education, in regards to the environment, is important in relation to sustainability” Nolan said.

Green Club also sponsors campus clean up days and this semester they are planning a Recyclable Craft Night and a Pumpkin Carving Night Spiridigliozzi said. The Green Club is also planning on hiking and collaborating with Outdoors Club and possibly Marine Science Club.

In regards to off campus exposure, Spiridigliozzi said Green Club volunteers with outside connections and this allows students an outlet to make a difference in the community—not just on campus.

“I just want to see people be more aware of their environment,” Spiridigliozzi said.

Green Club is in the process of changing how they approach their meetings, Spiridigliozzi said.

Ahead of time she will research something causing an impact on the environment, so in the meetings she can give an overview and talk about it in the club Spiridigliozzi said. She continued by saying that this will help relay to people’s worries on and off campus.

Green Club meets biweekly on Thursdays from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Blair 115. If interesting in joining Green Club or participating in other upcoming events contact Spiridiliozzi.

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