April 15, 2024

Picture a university event that is kept secret. Now picture the same event being announced to the entire community and student body.
What is this non-secretive event?  What does one do on this occasion?  Well, the name of this event is called W day.
W day has been one of  Wittenberg University’s traditions for years.  During this event, it was rumored that some professors would cancel their classes, that the Myers Hall bell would ring and that it was held in the hollow on a random Wednesday in September.
However, this year W day was announced to the public. Hosted by Union Board, W day is filled with fun activities such as a water balloon fight, human foosball, corn hole, etc. There are prizes, limited free t-shirts and music provided by WUSO, the student-led radio station.
Many students talked about why they chose W day, their favorite part and for some their perspective on why announcing this event this year versus previous years.
“I think it’s really fun, it’s great and it’s a big Wittenberg tradition,” Trina Rosing, ‘21, said. When asked about her favorite part about W day was Rosing states “the part that it’s supposed to be a secret but they announced it.” Rosing’s perspective on why W day was announced, “It was the sign that made it obvious, but I liked when it was a secret,” she stated.
To explain the quote a little more, Rosing loved that W day was kept secret and that she prefers it to stay that way.
Rosing is not the only person with a voice on this topic. “My roommate wanted to come, and I came last year and it was really fun. They have a lot really cool shirts and prize,” Madelyn Hebb, ‘21, said.
When asked what her favorite part of W day was Hebb states “Last year it  was probably the t-shirts and people coming together to have fun.” Hebb’s perspective on why W day was announced this year than the previous years is that less people would be present if they were surprised about this event than it being publicized.
Although W day is new to theme, many freshmen enjoyed the experience as well.
“I heard this [W Day] was a lot of fun. A lot of people said ‘that there would be a lot of free stuff ‘ shirts and everything, to hang out with friends and meet new people,” Juan Soto, ‘22, said. When asked his favorite part of W day was Soto states “the water balloon fight [be] cause that one goes crazy… and I met a lot of new people today it was pretty cool.”
Soto is not the only freshman who agrees the W day is a fun place to hang out.
“It’s a very fun place to hang out and get connected in the Wittenberg community,” Victoria Smith, ‘22, said.
When asked about what her favorite part about W day Smith states “seeing all the friendly places and laughing at people failing games”.
“I fell like it’s a good stress reliever and it gets all of campus together it’s fun,” Abbigail Opdycke, ‘20, said.
When asked about her favorite part was Opdycke states “I like the blow-ups, ice cream and the environment”.
When asked about her perspective on why announcing this event this year versus previous years Opducke states “I was a little mad at first, but then I understood their reasoning… professors aren’t gonna really cancel class so it’s still gonna be fun.”
It is concluded that W day is a day where people can interact with each other through games and other activities provided for them.
So, the questions that still remain are is  W day be a mystery for the next academic school year or will it be announced to the public again?
No matter what the answer might bring, W day was the stress reliever people were looking for.

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