June 18, 2024

On a beautiful Thursday evening, an organization who puts God in its community had fun and played games in a recreational room located in the lower level of the student center.
Who is this organization and what was the event?
Well, the organization is CRU, and the event was CRU Olympics.
After their weekly meeting, CRU members and staff gathered in Doppelgangers—which is located in the basement of the Benham-Pence student center—for fun and games.
During CRU Olympics the contestants were split up into four groups of four. The team names were: the oneders, terrible twos, oofs and labradors.
The rules of the Olympics stated that each individual team battled it out in foosball, ping pong, skeeball and Mario Kart for points. The team who won skeeball and ping pong were given four points and the team who lost those games received only one point.
A question one might ask is how does the CRU Olympics bring the community closer?
“This is [the olympics] something we do once a month, it’s just like a little extra time after CRU for bonding and fellowship.  It just designed to bring [the] community together and just have a great time together with a little friendly competition and food,” Marshall Eippert, ‘19, said.
In other words, the Olympics gives both the staff and members of CRU time to bond as a community with God.
In the beginning, the terrible twos and onders battled to see who had the upper hand in foosball; the terrible twos ended up winning.  Even though they lost, the onders seem to have bonded.
The oofs and labradors had a great time at skeeball. Each team was cheering on their teammates; the winner ended up being the labradors.
The labradors and oofs battled in ping-pong with the labradors winning by one point. For the last event, the teams got a chance to win points by playing Mario Kart.
The oofs, terrible twos and onders all received a total of 15 points, however, the winner of the CRU Olympics were the Labradors.
The Labradors were made up of the CRU staff of Jeff Ferrier, Micheal Grandison, Josh Beaudoin and Becca Catoe. Each team member took time to explain what it is like to be apart of the CRU community and what is like to be a part of CRU Olympics as well.
“I love being apart of the CRU community it is a great opportunity to not only get experience scripturally but to experience in growing and knowing other people too. We do this one thing [CRU olymipics] just to get to know one another better,” Ferrier said.
When asked how to tie the CRU Olympics into the belief in the community.
“We see each other as family and want to hang out like family, and include anybody else who wants to be part of this awesome family,” Beaudoin said.
So why choose CRU Oylimpic?
Well,  the reason behind CRU Olympics is to put the fun and games in building a community, and for the staff and members get to know each other better.

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