April 15, 2024

For those who have been following the music releases of American rapper and singer-songwriter Logic, the release of his new album, “YSIV,” is the well-received fourth installment of his series of Young Sinatra mixtapes, and succeeded in continuing to cement his popularity as one of the top rap and hip-hop artists of America.

Logic is well-aware of his global popularity, proving this right out of the gate with the last four minutes of “Thank You,” the first song on the album, devoted to recordings of fans from all over the world thanking Logic for his work and how he inspired and saved them.

Logic consistently references his own success and fame in songs like “Everybody Dies,” where he boasts, “I am not top ten, more like top three/I am not two ‘cause nobody could top me.”

His boasts aren’t invalid either; the album snagged #2 on the hip hop charts, competing with Lil Wayne and Kanye’s new albums were released on the same weekend.

Logic started the Young Sinatra series in 2011 with his second mixtape, creating the alter ego of Young Sinatra that has appeared multiple times through his performance career and has developed a devoted fanbase that is just as excited with “YSIV” as they have been for the last seven years. As of now, only the most recent album YSIV, is on Spotify, but the other albums can be found on small streaming sites like Genius. com.

The album art shows a picture of Logic recreating a mugshot of Frank Sinatra from 1938, a picture used in his first Young Sinatra album.

The album itself is uplifting all the way through, with song after song filled with encouraging lyrics in songs like “Everybody Dies,” which encourages listeners to “live life to the fullest/don’t push it don’t pull it,” and in “One Day” Logic pushes his hope to “paint a picture of unity” in America. Logic pulls several guest artists into his album to show off his connections, including Jaden Smith, Hailee Steinfeld and Ghostface Killah. In the song “Wu Tang Forever,” there are at least nine featured artists performing with him.

Logic’s skill in freestyle rap continues to shine in this album as he spits lyrics at high speeds with perfect clarity. The songs each have an individual style and story that serve to inspire listeners to work to meet their goals, no matter how hard or far away they may be. This album certainly proves Logic’s continued legacy as the Young Sinatra.

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