April 19, 2024

Odelia is an 11-month-old 4PAWS German shepherd-retriever mix and has been with her handlers Hannah Brown, ’19, and Audrey Feiler, ’19, since August of this year.

Taking care of a puppy takes time, effort and lots of love. Fortunately, the love part comes easily.

“She’s kind of everyone’s therapy dog [in my sorority] … [and] people say they need Odelia time because it helps them and brightens their day. She also does the same for me and makes me very happy and I can see how happy she makes other people too,” Brown said.

Not only does Odelia love to spread joy, but she also loves to run. “There’s a park [close to campus] with a fenced in area, and she just takes laps, and it’s the funniest thing…She gets out all of her energy and she comes back, and we chill out,” Brown said.

According to one of her handlers, seeing faces light up when Odelia is out in public and stores is truly wonderful, for the puppy loves to meet new friends.

Brown is taking part in 4PAWS, which qcounts as a community service credit, but that is not why she decided to care for a furry friend.

“I love dogs…and I understand how important they are for helping people with differing abilities and my Big actually did this last year, and I loved her dog so much,” Brown said. Odelia will be turning one on Thanksgiving and will gladly give you a little joy if you see her around campus.

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