April 13, 2024

To continue All In For You: Week of Advocacy during the week of Nov. 5, several posters were put up around Hollenbeck to debunk a few of the most common myths about sexual assault. There were five different myths, and multiple copies were put on every floor of Hollenbeck.

“We are hanging them up in Hollenbeck for people to be able to think about as they go to class,” Abby Glass, a sophomore and one of the forerunners of the implementation of the Week of Advocacy said.

The myths and their respective bustings were as follows:

Myth: “It’s her fault because of her outfit.” Truth: “The only person at fault is the rapist.”

Myth: “Most sexual assaults are committed by strangers.” Truth: “Most assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows.”

Myth: “It’s not sexual assault if you’re drunk.” Truth: “A person who is incapacitated by drugs or alcohol cannot give consent.”

Myth: “Only women are sexually assaulted.” Truth: “Sexual assault can happen to anyone.”

Myth: “A lot of victims lie about their assault.” Truth: “Only 2-8% are falsely reported, the same percent as any other crime.”

According to the poster advertising the Week of Advocacy, this is just one of the many events to “raise awareness regarding sexual assault.”

“We are doing this whole thing because we were angry with recent national news, especially when it came at a time [when] we got several timely warnings of sexual assault on campus,” Glass said. “We felt that it would do nothing to just sit around and be angry and needed to focus those feelings to try to make a positive change on campus.”

Other events in the Week of Advocacy included the Live Your Truth Vigil last Thursday night and the Writing to Senators event, which encouraged students to write to their senators about why sexual assault prevention is so important.

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