July 14, 2024

To the Editor:
In reference to “Lesotho Nutrition Initiative Packs 60,000 Meals” published on Oct. 31
The biggest error is the meals will feed 2,000 children, not 2,000 families. Also not sure of source of median income at $245. I have never seen that figure in my life.A verage families is something like $450.
But, it is the cavalier tone of the article that is most embarrassing.
Meals containing nutritional supplements to combat malnutrition and stunting is missing, just called nutritious meals.
It is the Kingdom of Lesotho.
What does double-landlocked mean?
The AIDS rate of 23.9 percent is for adults 15-49 years of age.
0-5 years not 1-5.
The rate of malnutrition and stunting is over 30 percent nationwide.
Scott Rosenberg
Professor of African History

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. Ah, a complaint about a “cavalier” tone when he can neither spell the word correctly or write in complete sentences while sporting a Ph.D. — this ridiculous letter to the editor is what’s cavalier and embarrassing.
    He then goes on to say that he does not know what a “double-landlocked” country is. He clearly has no appetite for political science — or Google for that matter — as a quick Google search would provide a stunningly easy definition. Though I will agree the term does not apply to Lesotho if this was the implication.
    On another note, the World Bank lists the median income of a family in Lesotho as being over $1,000. Please find accurate statistics before correcting another person.
    Wittenberg should be embarrassed to have a Professor who is so scornful and disdainful of positive attention and who has such poor writing ability. The Torch would be better off giving him and his efforts no more attention.

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