April 13, 2024

As the semester draws to a close and students find themselves overwhelmed with the papers, projects and finals that loom ahead of them sometimes a little encouragement that everything will turn out alright can go a long way. That’s why Kappa Delta organized the “You’re One Smart Cookie” table in the first floor of the Student Center last Thursday.

“It was completely spur of the moment,” Katie Zebell, ‘21, said standing at the table, which had trays of different types of cookies, including allergy-friendly options, a jug of milk, and a small board with the words “Be-leaf in Yourself” to take pictures with.

Along with the cookies were several stickers from Kappa Delta, with empowering words like “Fierce” and “Joyful”.

“Take what you are, if you’re fierce, fearless or brave,” Zebellsaid. Passersby were encouraged to don a sticker, snap a photo, take a cookie and some milk to go, and feel a little encouraged about themselves. Even the name of the event reassured that Witt students are more than capable of finishing strong.

Sororities and fraternities often do events to raise money for their philanthropies, but it’s not uncommon to see an event like this to simply encourage students or raise awareness for a cause. Kappa Delta knew that students across campus are feeling the end-of-the-semester burn and hoped to remind students that they can make that final push through their mountains of schoolwork and events, and enjoy some free cookies while they’re at it.

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