July 14, 2024

Game Freak’s “Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu” is the first Pokemon game on Nintendo’s Switch. Since the Switch has been released in 2017, “Pokemon” was the top selling switch game in records since the console release.

Now, “Pokemon Let’s Go” goes back to the first ever “Pokemon” region with the original 151, and the only added pokemon are the Alola forms from “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

Game Freak got rid of the mechanic of fighting wild pokemon, but they added the mechanic from the app “Pokemon Go,” where you would give pokemon berries to give them status effect to weaken them. Then, you would be able to try and capture them.

This is a neat feature because they release a joy con controller in the shape of a Poke Ball, the item that catches Pokemon, and you can “throw” the Poke Ball in the game with motion controller. I had the pleasure of buying the controller and experience this.

Even though you do not fight the wild Pokemon anymore, you still gain experience every time you catch a Pokemon. Just like “Pokemon Go,” if you get either good, great or excellent, you gain even more experience.

Since they have that feature, if you catch multiple of one type of Pokemon, you can transfer them to Professor Oak for candy for status boosts; this is a pretty amazing feature.

To compare to the graphic of the game it is based off of, “Pokemon Yellow” was released in 1998 in the US on the Nintendo Gameboy. The game was in black and white with a light yellow hue to represent the color of the game.

The graphics now are now 3D models, and it is the first ever Pokemon you can play on the television. Pokemon has been an exclusive handheld game so you can travel around and keep playing games.

The Switch can be both a handheld console and a stationary console to play on the television. This is revolutionary to be able to play it both ways.

In that game, your starter Pokemon was Pikachu, hence why they kept the theme of Pikachu being a starter in Let’s Go Pikachu. Eevee is the start in the other game.

Something to mention, this game is not in the same time period as the original “Pokemon Yellow.” You are not Red, the original avatar you walk around as, with his Pikachu. Actually, Red’s rival, Blue, shows up multiple different times to help you on your Pokemon journey; he is even much older.

You get to see the region after the technology has been well developed as it was still progressing in the original game. That is a neat thing to know because that means you are not catching Pokemon to finish the Pokedex, but to help more with pokemon research.

I very much enjoyed this game. It was definitely an amazing feeling going back to my childhood where I would be watching over my older brother’s shoulder waiting for my turn to play the game.

It was the first ever video game I played, and I can’t wait to see what else Game Freak creates knowing they have a whole new concept to play around with. Are they going to remake all the older Pokemon games this way or are they going to do the rumored open world game?

Until then, the new and the old generation all get to enjoy “Pokemon Lets Go” and play it together!

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