April 19, 2024

Residence Life put together an Adulting 101 event Thurs., Jan. 24, in Geil Lounge from 9-11 p.m.

The event covered car maintenance, tax and budgeting, healthy relationships, general safety skills and career services help.

Garrett Stout, ’19, said there’s “this bubble that keeps students from experiencing certain conflict and often times they are handed stuff.”  He said this event was to help students learn to fend for themselves by giving them different tips for the future.

Anna Fox, ’19, and Maddie Vanhook, ’20, said they were giving students advice on how to deal with stain removal—anything from chocolate, ink, juice/ wine, sauces, blood, grass, make-up and sweat.

They got word out to students through Witt Late Night and Witt’s Happening.

Vanhook thinks the event was beneficial to students because there was a wide variety of information at the event.

“[This is] giving them [students] lots of information in one place at one time,” Police Officer Steve Henson said.

Fox said the event gives students important life skills for after or in college.

This is good for students who have not been exposed to situations where they need to rely on themselves, Officer Josh Thomas said.

Hannah Brown. ’19, said she was there to represent the Womyn’s Center and to inform people on how to have healthy relationships with people. She also talked on how to have discussions with people, how fighting in a relationship isn’t always bad, what to do in a toxic relationship and how to get out of a toxic relationship.

The Womyn’s Center table had flyers for self-care yoga, writing for recovery and information on the cycle of violence wheel.

Andrew Herron, ’20, talked about how students need health and fitness encouragement.  

“When you’re on your own in college it can be easy to let yourself go, but this helps student’s health and wellness,” Herron said.

Samantha Martens, ’19, works for career services and she said that this is important for students because there are real life tips and it’s what some students have been looking for.

“We help with all things from resume building, careers, interviews, business cards and grad schools…we’re here to help and everyone can benefit from us,” Martens said.

Officers Henson and Thomas had a table at the event where they talked to students about first aide and alcohol poisoning.

Blake Atwell, ’21, and Drake Kobler, ’21, talked to students about budgeting, retirement plans and life tips.

Kobler said many students have at least one job, but still have no money in their accounts, because people do not manage their money correctly.  He thinks this will help students be aware of their finances.

Stout talked to students about car maintenance on how to change a tire or change the oil in their car, as well as the tools needed.

Jamie Laughner, the area coordinator of Ferncliff, Woodlawn and Witten’Burbs, said Residence Life will be putting on other events this semester including an event on drugs and alcohol and one on sex and consent. They also have Human Library coming up on Feb. 15 and Laughner encourages students to come out to the event.

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