April 19, 2024

The weather forecast already wasn’t looking great. The news anchors were issuing warnings of frostbite and potentially record low temperatures. Ohio University, Clark State, Wright State and The Ohio State University were already rumored to have canceled class for the following day. I was in the kitchen with some of my sorority sisters painting canvases while we optimistically waited for the email.

At last, pure ecstasy. A snow day. Something we college kids only remember as a faint childhood memory that turned into an unrealistic dream once we moved on to college life. But, tomorrow was different. Our dreams had come true.

The recent snow day at Witt sparked all sorts of laziness and creativity across campus. Some spent it in the PJs all day watching “The Office,” some used it as a catch up day for school work (which I should’ve done) and others spent it attempting to carry on the day per usual, without leav ing the house.

I’m sure we’ve all realized after the snow day that college snow days are so much better than snow days in grade school. I remember spending my snow days in elementary school building forts and snowmen in my front yard until my snow pants were soaked through. I was well rested back then and could afford to exert that kind of energy on a day off, something unfortunately foreign to me now.

I think one of my fondest childhood memories is making huge forts that covered our whole living room. We dug out old blankets and sheets from the guest bedroom in the basement and covered our dining room chairs while we listened to one of our Disney classics CDs (the ones with the blue and green glittery Mickey mouse silhouettes on them, I know you know the ones).

Collegiate level snow days are, for most, spent catching up in one way or another. Whether you take the traditional route and sleep in until noon like I did or if you spend it doing homework for the rest of the week, snow days are truly the best in college. On Wednesday afternoon, when I finally decided to get out of bed, I found my sorority sisters already taking advantage of the day. Several girls were following along to a workout video in one room, others broke out the paint and brushes and channeled their inner Bob Ross while they painted canvases and some sat sipping hot cocoa trying to figure out their biology homework.

But, of course, it all has to come to an end sooner or later. Eventually you have to put back on your hat and gloves and walk back up the hill to class at 9:15 a.m. Walking to class that next morning after all my friends who student teach had school canceled for the millionth day in a row was certainly bitter. I even think my coffee had turned into iced coffee by the time I got to class.

Only a snow day has the capability to make you both the happiest gal alive and simultaneously crush your dreams the following day.

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