July 14, 2024

The seniors in Wittenberg’s Class of 2019 gathered this past Thursday in Founders Pub to celebrate 100 Days til Graduation with a free drink, on behalf of Wittenberg.

The event was planned by senior class president Chloe Bradburn.

Founders was packed with seniors from beginning to end, each encouraged to come reminisce with the rest of their senior class.

Many of the seniors in attendance shared hesitations about the coming 100 days but seemed excited about their post-graduate plans.

“I hate being a senior,” Megan Mong said. “I’m sad.”

Likewise, Megan Harber shared that she’s nervous about the coming 100 days but is thankful for all of the friends that Wittenberg brought her.

“It’s really scary being a senior, but it’s a lot of fun because looking around the room, it’s really cool to see all these people I’ve known for four years,” Harber said. “Thinking about the time that’s gone by is crazy. I’m surrounded by a lot of great people.”

Abigail Crum reflected on her time at Wittenberg with a few close friends during the event.

“[100 Days] is sentimental because I will no longer be playing basketball and it’s hard to believe that I won’t be in the same setting as my friends anymore,” Crum said. “I will also miss being an active Alpha Xi on campus because I’ve gained a lot of friendships through that and basketball.”

Both Crum and Mong shared their post-graduate plans.

“I am taking a gap year and then applying to physician’s assistant programs,” Crum said. “I’m travelling a little bit and then I want to get a job at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.”

“I want to do a year of service abroad, hopefully in Rwanda with Young Adults in Global Mission,” Mong said. “And then maybe seminary once I come back.”

No matter what any of the seniors talked about during the night, the smiles on everyone’s faces told the greatest story, as Founders was filled with laughs until the very end of the night.

The class of 2019 also had the opportunity to vote for honorary class members, although the members were not announced at the event.

After the event at Founders concluded, the senior class made its way to Station One to continue celebrating and looking toward their remaining 100 days at Wittenberg.

Commencement will take place on Saturday, May 11 at 11 a.m. in Commencement Hollow.

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