March 1, 2024

Q: Good way to spend spring break on a budget or at home?

A: With approximately 16 days until spring break begins— Who’s counting though? People are trying to plan things to do or not do.

If you are spending your break on a budget, there are many ways to enjoy your time without spending a ton of money.  You could go home with a friend from school or visit them for a few days over break.  This will allow you to see where they are from and explore a new area.  You don’t have to worry about lodging and you’ll have someone knowledgeable about the area to guide you and show you around.

Another option is to take a long or short road trip; just plan accordingly.  There are many places in Ohio you can road trip to in a day, such as: Canton, Hocking Hills, Cuyahoga National Park, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati or Toledo.  If you want to get out of Ohio, you can road trip to Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., Nashville, Chicago or Pittsburgh in under seven hours. 

Research Airbnbs, hostels and hotels— compare all your options on pricing and find a group of friends to go with and split the bill.  Pack sandwiches and snacks to save yourself money on food.  It’s nice to go out while you’re enjoying your trip, but not at the expense of spending too much money on every meal. That being said, you do not have to spend a ton of money everywhere you go—explore the area for free and spend time with your friends.  This kind of a trip will give you an independent experience with traveling, budgeting time and budgeting money.

If you are spending your break at home, it is never a bad idea to spend your time “catching up”— whether that be with friends, family, on sleep or on work.  If you are someone who likes to always be on the move, there are plenty of things to do that are free in your hometown.  Go on a walk or bike ride in a park near you, find a pleasure reading book, a museum that may be free, window shop, or watch the sunrise or sunset. 

You often overlook these options because they are so simple, but they provide people with enjoyment right from their own homes.  Ray Bradbury said, “See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid.” Try taking a step back and approach your home from new eyes this spring break.

If you are spending your break on a budget or at home, look up a city or state on Atlas Obscura. There are unique things to see or do in your area that may be overlooked and spark your interest. The options offer a variety of things to see or do; some do cost money and some are free. Atlas Obscura offers knowledge about the community’s hidden wonders— making them not tourist attractions, but small items of interest to people.

No matter how you spend your spring break, don’t forget to use the resources and options at your disposal for a good time.

*Ask Ali is an advice column where students can submit questions to the Torch—all questions will be kept anonymous.  To submit questions, e-mail with the subject line: Ask Ali a Question.*

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