April 13, 2024

Three affirmation valentine tables for self-care were set up—one in the library, one in the science center and one outside the CDR on Thursday, Feb. 14. These tables were meant to raise awareness about self-love and encourage students to partake in the activity.

 “By signing the pledge, students are promising self-care and to be more aware of themselves. Making time for self-love and things they love to do,” Brooke Schmidt, staff advisor from the Mental Health Counseling Center, said.

The Mental Health Counseling Center collaborated with Operation K, Residence Life, Student Involvement and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion for this event.

Eleanor Weener , ’21, worked the table in the library and outside the CDR. Schmidt said the table in the library had a self-compassion pledge.  If students signed it, they would receive an affirmation valentine, which was a lollipop with a note tied to it.

Sam Watson, ’19, and Kat Nydegger, ’19, worked the table in the science center. Watson said their table had a “What is your #TigerTip?” poster. Students would write down their tip for self-care and then receive an affirmation valentine.

Nydegger said the event was to promote the Mental Health fair, as well as spread love and Valentine’s Day compassion. She also said self-love is learning to respect yourself, show empathy, sympathy and make yourself happy.

“Self-love is taking the time to realize what you need instead of always doing things for others,” Watson said. “Self-love can be lots of different things from simply taking a walk or treating yourself to your favorite food.”

Some anonymous tiger tips students left for each other included: “Learn to say no and be completely okay with it”; “there is always more ahead”; “carve out time everyday no matter what to do the things you love”; “Show kindness, anger never wins” and “Don’t be afraid to take a break.”

“Sometimes, people get caught up in day-to-day life and forget to love themselves and especially for people on Valentine’s Day, that might feel like they are alone, Watson said. It’s a nice reminder to remember that you’re not and you can always take the time to love yourself,” Watson said.

Nydegger said the tables allowed people to spread self-love awareness through talking with friends and strangers on campus. She said it is important for people to share their insight on how to love themselves, especially on Valentine’s Day.

“You need to know and understand you are worthy and what that means to you,” Nydegger said.

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