April 13, 2024

Union Board collaborated with Green Club for a Succulent Pot and Paint Night Friday in Geil Lounge.

James Hagerman, ’20, was in charge of the program. He had heard about the succulent event from last semester, which was hosted by Green Club, and he wanted to bring the two ideas together: succulents and painting.

The night expanded into a destress event for students before midterms and spring break, Hagerman said.  The event additionally had affirmation valentines from the Mental Health Counseling Center, stress balls and face masks for students to use and/or take.

“This is a good way for the Wittenberg community to destress before midterms and it gets clubs working together, plus who doesn’t love free plants?”  Hagerman said.  He added that it was a good way to be creative too.

Hagerman said they bought 100 succulents for the event and they made use of other materials they previously had. For example, the event had squirt guns for students to use to water their potted plant. Students also used paint markers to decorate their pots because the markers are easier, less messy and are detail oriented.

The event had several tables facing one another, where students were able to socialize as a community at the event.

One student, Emily Schinker, ’21, said she liked the way the event had additional tables set up for students; it made it more of a community event, whereas last semester she didn’t stay long. She added that she loves gardening and was pleasantly surprised by the event’s options—she wasn’t expecting additional tables and activities to be going on.

Another student, Rebecca McMahon, ’22, said she liked the art aspect and stress relief at the event. She said it was a good break from school to just hang out with friends.

Maddie Lakosky, ’22, said she enjoyed the environment, company and art at the event.

“It’s a fun way to hang out before we leave for break and as for midterms, I don’t have any, but I’d assume it’d be a good destresser,” Lakosky said.

Rachel Kaiser, ’22, McMahon and Lakosky all said they would come to another event like this.

The Mental Health Counseling Center’s Brooke Schmidt and Kat Nydegger, ’19, had a table set up at the event with affirmation valentines.

Nydegger said they were promoting the Alive! Mental Health Fair on April 11 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Stoughton Lawn.  The event will include a Keynote Address from Reese Butler, a graffiti art wall, a share-a-secret wall, best friends pet-assisted therapy and more.

Union Board’s Nolan Badgley, ’22, is in charge of the next program: a murder mystery dinner.  He said the theme is Lights, Camera, Murder and will be taking place March 13 at 6 p.m. in Shouvlin 105.

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