April 15, 2024

Introducing the fearless, crazy, stubborn, sweet Roadster. This six-month-old yellow lab and golden retriever mix is from the Studebaker liter.

Roadster’s three moms: Madeleine van Overbeek, ’19, Kierstin Conaway, ’19 and Heather Rucker, ’19, describe him as an easily distracted ball of energy.

Often seen with the ladies, Roadster is considered a “player.”  His favorite toy is his saxobone and he will do almost anything for a good treat.

He’s sometimes rambunctious and enjoys getting into the trash, but he’s still just a puppy and learning the do’s and don’ts of the world.

One-time, Roadster and Conaway got locked out on their apartment patio while it was raining. Roadster jumped up on Conaway and got her white shirt all muddy, but he just wanted to get back inside as much as his mom did.

Roadster loves to be outdoors in the snow and warm weather—especially to go on walks or play with other dogs. He is very friendly with other dogs and people; he also enjoys chasing leaves, squirrels and birds in his free time.

Easily distracted, but a great boy who is occupied with his daily duties of class, walks, chasing his tail and napping, Roadster has a full schedule.

Roadster is fond of greeting new faces and comforting the ones he knows really well.

His moms said, “Roadster only likes love under his terms.”

Although the beginning of his training was off to a rough start, he is improving and knows his commands.

Roadster has several siblings all named after cars—his brother, Gremlin, is also on Wittenberg’s campus.

Rucker said she looks forward to seeing Roadster pass the test and potentially become a sniffer dog because “he has a really strong nose.”

Go out and spend some time with this friendly face on campus before the end of the semester!

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