June 23, 2024

On March 15 in Churchchrist, New Zealand, shooters opened fire on two different mosques, killing nearly fifty people and leaving many in critical condition. The world watched in mourning as the country struggled to identify victims, bury loved ones and clean up the destroyed mosques. Wittenberg also gathered to acknowledge the victims of the mosque shootings. Students and several members of the local Muslim community gathered in front of the student center this past week to mourn the the loss. Standing in a unified circle, Witt students, faculty, Pastor Rachel Tune and Witt Alum spoke briefly during the vigil to send Witt’s thoughts and prayers to the community.

Sana Ahmed (’15) holds a candle during a vigil on Alumni Way in support of the victims of the Christchurch mosque killings on March 21, 2019. (Trent Sprague/The Wittenberg Torch)

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