February 21, 2024

Anna Fox moved her family, friends and the Wittenberg community during her senior recital Friday at 7:30 p.m. in Krieg.

“I think singing and the voice is such a unique instrument because we have the ability to truly tell a story—and to use your voice, use your expression and your body language to convey something to someone even if it’s in a different language, you can still get something out of the piece from the performance,” Fox said. “I also think that voice has this true raw vulnerability because its coming from within you…there’s no voice that will ever be your voice.”

The music major is a mezzo soprano and said she has been preparing for this recital for four years. She said some of the songs are from freshman year and others she just learned this semester.

Fox sang 14 songs including: “Op. 27; Dixit Dominus, H WV 232;” “Things Change, Jo;” “Here Alone;” “Some things are meant to be;” “Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio;” “Voi che sapete;” “Quand je fus pris au pavillon;” “L’heure exquise;” “Dans la nuit;” “A Chloris;” “Goodnight Moon;” “Christmas Lullaby;” and “La Vie en rose.”

For her program, Fox worked with her professor to find the best music for herself and her accompanist (pianist), Laurie Smith.

Fox’s recital also featured sopranos Maklayne Vitovich, ’19, (“Dixit Dominus, H WV 232”) and Shante Leslie, ’22, (“Some things are meant to be”), as well as Jaheem Washington, ’20, on the piano for an encore (“La Vie en rose”).

Fox said she got to use some personal favorites such as the songs from the opera and musical “Little Women” (“Things Change, Jo,” “Here Alone” and “Some things are meant to be”).

Fox said for the music department, there is a range of criteria that is required for a music major—she must sing in four different languages, but Fox sang in five during her recital.  She sang in English, French, German, Italian and Latin.

Additionally, Fox said the music must cover the main musical time periods including the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and more modern music.

Fox said her favorite thing about the music department at Wittenberg is the close relationships with professors—she said there is an incredible support system here.

“I feel really blessed to have had four different teachers because each one has given me different insight in to how to use my voice and improve my technique and become a better musician,” Fox said. “I think Wittenberg has taught me truly how to be classical singer, much better technique and how to really properly use my instrument.  And has given me the opportunities to perform and really blossom in my confidence as a performer.”

Fox said she plans on going on a year-long mission trip in Europe after graduation and when she returns, she wants to pursue a Master’s in music theory. She said she really believes music can help and connect others.

Fox said she wants to thank everyone who has supported her throughout her Wittenberg career, especially Smith and Jackie Stevens.

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