May 22, 2024

Dear Wittenberg Community, 

In light of recent events, we feel that in order to make sure that all feel comfortable within our Community, we must do some things differently. We must disclose some things that we have previously kept a secret. The nature of secret societies on campus are, obviously, secretive, which can cause some individuals unease. So, in an effort to make all members of our Wittenberg Community comfortable, we would like to explain our code of conduct to which all Shifters are bound. This Code of Conduct is something that we hold dear, and something we ask the Community to hold all members, who can be identified by a paperclip, to at all times. 

We, the Shifters, do solemnly swear to adhere to the Shifter Code of Conduct, which is outlined below. 

  1. All Shifters must share their Light with all they meet, including both Wittenberg Community members and non-Wittenberg Community members. Additionally, Shifters must never take light away from others, even in the face of adversity and/or scrutiny. Doing so would violate the very foundation upon which the Shifters were built, which is to spread positivity throughout campus.  
  2. No student Shifter shall accept any form of preferential treatment from our members in the faculty and staff. In addition, any perceived form of preferential treatment must be reported directly to the acting President and Provost of the University. Failure to report any preferential treatment will be grounds to be expunged from the Shifters. No type of retaliation against the reporting individual by any Shifter member will be tolerated.  
  3. The Shifter “Tapping” must work to include people from as many different backgrounds as possible. We have a long history of including people from many different walks of life, as neglecting to do so would undermine the foundation which Shifter was built upon.  
  4. We, the Shifters, recognize that our Society is exclusive, and pointing out other organizations such as fraternities, sororities, and honor organizations as also exclusive does not absolve us of our own exclusivity. In order to counteract the nature of Secret Societies, Shifters must deliberately work to include non-Shifter individuals in all other aspects of their life. Failure to do so will result in internal discipline such as a semester ban of affiliation with the larger Shifter community.  
  5. No hazing shall occur. In any Shifter related activity, if a Shifter feels uncomfortable, then they are welcome to opt-out of the activity with no repercussions. At such a time when an individual opts out, the activity will be stopped, and everybody involved will be checked on to make sure that they are comfortable. Only after everyone confirms that they are comfortable will the activity resume. Additionally, anytime someone opts out, the activity will be re-evaluated in order to accommodate future members. If there are perceived repercussions, then the acting Shifter who caused the discomfort will be dealt with internally, or if needed, externally.  
  6. Any Shifter Tradition or Act which makes any Wittenberg Community member feel uncomfortable should be modified to make it comfortable, unless the change would fundamentally alter the organization. We recognize that some of our traditions are outdated, and need to be changed. We are working on rectifying our delayed reaction to both internal and external criticism, and are welcome to any criticism which could help to improve our organization. If it is not possible to modify or change the tradition to make others feel comfortable, then the act or tradition should be expunged from the Society.  
  7. Any violent or negative act taken by a Shifter, in the name of the Shifters, against any member of the Wittenberg Community will result in immediate expulsion from the organization. There are no exceptions.  

If any Shifter is observed violating these values that we as an organization hold so dear, it will be cause for dismissal from the organization.  

MC                  JS                    AJ                    RD                  —                     KAF                WH

LH                   HGW                          MSM                           CNS                            FM                  JL                    AM                  EW                  AS                        DC                  RR                   NH

AS                   JW                   AL                   BA                  KS                   AY                  RP

AG                  TB                   OW                 AS                   MR                  HS                   IH

CS                   AC                  MW                 CW                  CE                   ZG                   JS

MS                  TY                   JJ                     MN                  GZ                   TB                   LC

MF                  CC                   JW                   —                     —                     —                     —         

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Shifter Code of Conduct

  1. Why is there a coded message? If you’re real about transparency you’d state your names. You’re nothing but a bunch of cowards.

    1. The point of a secret society is to be secret. They cant just name their names, but they can have a paperclip on. They allow people to draw conclusions, not blatantly come out and say “I_________ am in the shifters”. I’m not in a secret society, but i’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. Honestly Im surprised they told us that and gave their initials (what im assuming is the “coded message”)

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