May 22, 2024

When one is attending college for the first time in their life, the first few weeks on campus can be a bit intimidating. Finding new friends, settling into their dorm and searching for a seat in the CDR are all challenging things that may differ from a recent high school graduate’s ordinary life.

As a freshman, everything seems open to them—except the CDR after eight. The sheer amount of organizations and clubs offered at Wittenberg are enough to cause anyone distress when attempting to map out their semester. I’ve been told that a well-balanced schedule equals a happy student, and so far, I have zero objections to that statement. 

In an attempt to have the best experience possible, I have looked into every club that I have the slightest interest in. This process has already led me to new friends and has showed me that everyone is represented in some way at Wittenberg. I hope to continue to broaden my friend group here in the next year, considering it never hurts to see a familiar smile while walking around campus. It also never hurts to take a break in between classes and enjoy myself. Spending my free time engaging with a passion of mine makes it more valuable to me than before, and I’m thankful that Wittenberg has provided the means for that. 

Although college is a great place for extracurricular activities and friends, academics are equally as important. In order to maintain success here, it’s required that the student makes an attempt with and is engaged in their studies. As a freshman in the honors program, I feel pressure to perform exceptionally well.

If my GPA stoops below a certain point, I no longer belong to the honors program and I no longer get the useful benefit of studying in the Matthies House. This is daunting, but it is also a great motivator. I am currently taking general education courses (like most freshman) and although they’re said to be exhausting, I love them. The welcoming atmosphere and the open dialogue that the professors encourage allow me to extend my best self in the classroom. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to participate in even more classes here in the next four years. 

In the few weeks that I have been here, I have learned more than what is covered in a standard psychology or biology test. I’ve been put into situations that require an evaluation of my own character and that of others. In this short time, I’ve learned things about myself that I would never have challenged had I not decided on this school.

Transferring from a small, rural town to a campus filled with humans from all kinds of places and backgrounds is disorienting, yet life changing. The longer I am here, the more I want to hear from all of these humans. As others share their life with me, I want to be able to share myself with them and make connections that will last a lifetime. I want to find the light that I can pass on to others. 

Lastly, I am hoping to find a home here at Wittenberg. Obviously, I come from a small town in Ohio, but that is the home that I can’t choose. Here, I want to be able to feel just at home inside of Hollenbeck Hall as I do when I lay on my parents’ couch. The atmosphere that the campus offers is exactly what I’m looking for, especially when all I want is to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy a scenic view. When I leave my childhood home every summer for the next three years, I want to be leaving it for its equivalent. As a future and current proud Tiger, I only hope to grow alongside Wittenberg. 

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