July 12, 2024

Recently, pop superstar Taylor Swift dropped her long-awaited album, “Lover.” The album came out on Friday August 23rd, 2019. Before it was released, the album was selling out left and right. According to the news website Vulture, Swift had sold around, “500,000 units after one day.”

“Lover” seems to have a different theme then Swift’s past albums. It is lighthearted and fun, but also delivers a meaningful message. Critics say this album sounds a lot like her 1989 album because it sounds happy.  

For instance, in her song, “You need to calm down” it talks about how people should not be judging others based on their sexuality or beliefs. There is a lyric that states, “And control your urges to scream about all the people you hate’ Cause shade never made anybody less gay.”  

Songs like that are a great staple for an artist, it shows the listeners that singers can talk about real life.   

This album is also a bit more lighthearted than her last album, “Reputation,” which focused on darkness. Meanwhile, “Lover” focuses more on upbeat music.  

Swift has been dropping Easter eggs, or clues, since early February about this new album. She would post pictures on her social media accounts from the album’s music videos and post different song lyrics as her captions. The clues made all of her fans feel like they were Sherlock Holmes, trying to decode the mystery.  

Sure, this album might be happy and full of great songs, but Swift wrote a song called, “Soon you’ll get better” about her mother, Andrea Swift’s, four-year battle with cancer. Listening to it can really tug at your heart strings. Swift said it was a hard song for her to play live. She collaborated with the Dixie Chicks on this song during the chorus.  

“Lover” is on all music platforms so that if you don’t have a CD player, no worries. “Lover” can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify and numerous other streaming services. This is particularly helpful for college students because they seem to use the streaming services a lot.  

However, if you buy the CD at Target, you will get a sneak peek into Swift’s actual diary and see what she went through when she was writing all the songs we know and love. She has not done this with her past albums, so it is a new experience. There are four versions to get at Target, so you can have them all.  

A poll was created on the app GroupMe to see what the class of 2022 thinks of the new album.  

The poll end in a tie between people who already love the album and people who haven’t heard it yet. This shows what some of the students at Wittenberg think about the new album.  

So, if you haven’t yet gone onto the mentioned streaming services and given the album a listen, you should. You don’t have to like it. But listen to it and see what you think about it.

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