June 18, 2024

By: Sami Skelly and Elissa Manchester

In high school you begin formulating preconceived notions of college life: bouncing from bar to bar and maybe doing a few assignments for school (if you’re watching the right college movies). You typically see yourself at this huge school, boozing every day, making more friends than you can count, going to frat parties, having crazy tailgates and maybe doing well in school- but again, that isn’t the priority.

This design of college, although a dream, is not very reasonable. We all know Witt is a Division III campus, but we would argue we have the best of both worlds. We have more fun than a Division I school while maintaining that Dean’s List GPA. Have you ever walked into a party, look around and realize you know everyone there? If you don’t have the luxury of attending Wittenberg, then probably not. To us, that feeling beats a wild bar with an endless sea of people spilling out the sides like a science center breakfast sandwich with all its fixings.

So really, why Witt? Walking to class in under eight minutes (it’s true, Ferncliff to the HPER is less than an eight minute walk if you’re really moving) is pretty nice, but also saying “hi” to every individual you walk past knowing that you will see them again and you probably know them, makes Witt a genuinely unique experience. Now, a lot of people get this one twisted, “knowing” someone does not mean knowing all their deepest secrets, it just means taking the time to say and know their names.

Why Witt? Walking into Post 95 any day feeling the love and affection from Darletta as she hypes you up and makes you a slapping Witt Burger with a side of Mac-n-Cheese. Why Witt? Convincing your favorite professors to go to Station One for class (Please can we go, Dr. Brannan?) and enjoying their presence and knowledge. Why Witt? McMurray’s liquid satans that hit different than a traditional vodka cran (Bring Back Mcs) But most importantly, why Witt? It’s home. 

Finding your home is important for college students. Some find their homes at a commuter school, some find them at a large Division I powerhouse. We all chose to find our homes here at Wittenberg and I think we can speak for most when we say that’s a decision we will never regret. Witt has brought more growth to us as individuals. Not only can we shotgun a beer, put back a mean green tea shot or case race a box of White Claws, but we can also feel prepared to take on the workforce/grad school fully knowing we had one of the best educations taught by some of the best professors.

You also will walk away knowing an extensive amount of amazing, party-going, fun-loving individuals who have your best interest at heart. These are the type of friends that will be sitting in our living rooms, cracking open that bottle of Barefoot at 85 years old. 

Witt creates well-rounded students that know how to prioritize and manage their time. We balance Marg Monday, $2 White Claw Tuesday, Witt Wednesday, Skip’n’go Thursday and a raging weekend with athletics, clubs, honor societies, volunteer hours and of course… a full course load. Witt students are a lot of things, but uninvolved is not one of them. We put our time and energy into a lot of activities that we full-heartedly fall in love with. Wittenberg is a special place filled with special people. I am so glad everyone here decided to go home instead of going big.

Stay wild Witt, 

Your Dirty Blondes

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