July 18, 2024

If you are not well versed in the Wittenberg “lingo,” a “NARP” refers to a very special breed of student- a non-athletic, regular person. A large percentage of Wittenberg students are involved on an athletic team. In fact, a lot of times these teams are part of what draws students to Witt. This was the case for me. I grew up swimming, I swam year-round from the time I was six until my sophomore year of college. 

In high school, I participated in three sports. The rigid practice schedule and time commitment that these teams (swimming especially) required kept me grounded, balanced and on top of my time-management (and out of trouble). I decided that I wanted to continue that routine in college and chose to swim for Witt.

It is no secret that Wittenberg students are very involved… in everything. I wanted to align with this culture and become immersed in the Witt experience. This led to my falling out of love with swimming and falling in love with everything Witt has to offer (all things — from honor societies to the various deals Station 1 has offer). I began to get involved with more clubs and volunteer opportunities that applied to my major. I started putting swimming in the back of my mind and when I tore my labrum over our training trip during winter break, I wasn’t too upset. Following the end of that sophomore year season, I decided to hang up my suit and goggles and join the NARP life. 

Now, I wouldn’t call this the best decision of my life. I still hold major respect for everyone that is involved in athletics at Witt. However, throughout my newfound NARP identity, I discovered everything Witt has to offer… mainly all of Station 1’s weekly deals. 

It was a very weird transition, I would not know what to do after classes. I would finish my homework early in the day instead of at night and I would sit in my room and wonder… what now? Well, my friends… you grab a few of your NARP buddies and you crack open a nice cold White Claw. Sometimes it is stressful, you feel like you should be spending more time doing homework. But after a day of going to classes, attending all of the meetings for everything you’re involved in, doing all of your homework and being an outstanding Witt student, you really deserve that White Claw. 

I know what you are thinking, this girl really quit her sport to drink every day. Well, my advice: you have your whole life to be held to a rigid structure, working all day and then coming home to prepare for the next day of work. You only have these four years to have fun, go out with your friends, make memories (some never remembered memories) and be wild. But please don’t fail, we love a Queen — or King — who can maintain straight A’s during the day and put back a variety pack of Claws at night. 

I have learned to chase moments, be a better friend, have fun and create more relationships with people throughout the past year of being a NARP. So, if you find your passions within your athletic team– run with it, have fun with it, learn how to become the best version of yourself. My dirty blonde bestie has grown into herself through her involvement with athletics. It doesn’t matter what you are involved in but if it is not making you a better person, branch out, reach out, find that organization, group of people or team that is going to push you to be better. 

Now, go grab some of your besties and have a great week — live in the moments, be a better friend, create more relationships. Do it. You will thank me for it.


Your wise Dirty Blondes

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