September 27, 2023

The Tigers returned to their winning ways Saturday with a 35-21 win over the Yeomen of Oberlin College. The Tigers snapped a two-game losing streak following losses against Wabash and Denison, and returned to their normal form, as they held Oberlin to only one touchdown until the closing minutes of the game.

Wittenberg opened the first quarter with Troy Jones (’20) intercepting an Oberlin pass and running 19 yards to start the Tigers drive from the Oberlin eight yard-line. Sam Kayser (’21) then rushed four yards on two consecutive snaps for a Tiger touchdown. Wittenberg led the Yeomen, 7-0, less than 90 seconds into the first quarter. The Yeomen responded halfway through the first quarter with a four-yard pass to tie the game at 7-7 with 7:52 left in the quarter.

The Tigers then responded on the next drive as Bobby Froehlich (’21) threw for 50-yards over five passes, while Jaheem Washington (’20) and Kayser rushed for nine yards combined on the drive to bring the Tigers to the Oberlin five-yard line. Froehlich then rushed to the one-yard line. He then rushed in to the endzone after an incomplete pass to add another touchdown to the board for the Tigers. Wittenberg led Oberlin, 14-7, with 2:29 left in the first.

The second quarter opened with the ball in the hands of the Yeomen who drove to the Wittenberg four-yard line. The Yeomen attempted a 22-yard field goal which was blocked by Micah Vann (’20). Two possessions later Wittenberg found themselves at the Oberlin three-yard line off rushes by Washington and Froehlich for who split four carries for a gain of 27-yards. Froehlich then completed an 11-yard pass to Jake Saus (’22) to end at the Oberlin three-yard line. Froehlich looked again to Saus to for a touchdown to bring the Tigers ahead, 21-7, over the Yeomen.

The Tigers started the second half at their own 31-yard line after LaShon Bright (’23) ran the kickoff for 20-yards. Wittenberg’s first drive of the half ended at the Oberlin 23-yard line after Froehlich was sacked. The Tigers received the ball back five minutes later as the Yeomen ran out of downs at the Tigers 30-yard line. Washington rushed two yards before being taken out by Oberlin defenders. Froehlich then completed a 12-yard pass to Tim Woodrum to bring the Tigers to their own 44-yard line. Froehlich then threw a 56-yard pass to DeShawn Sarley (’20) for a Wittenberg Touchdown. The Tigers led the Yeomen, 28-7, with 4:02 left in the third.

Wittenberg started the fourth quarter with a fumble by Troy Clay (’20) which was recovered by Oberlin at the Wittenberg 44-yard line. Oberlin ran out of downs and turned the ball over to the Tigers minutes later at the Tigers 34-yard line. Froehlich threw to Washington for a gain of 12-yards, before Washington rushed for three-yards on the next snap. Froehlich then threw 19-yards to Saus. Washington proceeded to pick up 19 yards on the ground and Froehlich helped with four of his own on the next few plays, ending at the Oberlin 11-yard line. After these running plays Froehlich took advantage and completed an 11-yard pass to Anderson to add another Wittenberg touchdown to the board. The Tigers led the Yeomen, 35-7, with 7:01 left to play.

Oberlin responded on their next possession with a five-yard rush to the endzone to add an Oberlin touchdown to the box score. The Tigers next possession ended prematurely as a fumble by Bryce Anderson (’23) and was recovered by Oberlin at the Tigers 32-yard line. Tavian Crowe (’21) received a penalty for roughing the passer, bringing the Yeomen to the Tiger’s 23-yard line. The Yeomen scored for the final time with 32 seconds left, bringing the final score to 35-21. The Tigers improved their record to 5-3 overall, and 5-2 in conference play. The Tigers still trail behind NCAC rival Wabash who sits atop the standings with a 6-1 record in conference play.

The Tigers head to Gambier, OH on Saturday for an NCAC match-up with Kenyon College. Kickoff is set for noon against Kenyon. The Lords of Kenyon are currently 3-5 overall, and 2-5 in NCAC play, and lost to the Tigers, 45-3 at their last meeting in 2018.

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