June 23, 2024

By Mackenzi Moorehead

Many have heard of the most recent program that Wittenberg has taken on. That would be a full program for nursing where students will get their BSN (Bachelor of Nursing) completely at Wittenberg.

Before 2018, Wittenberg offered a nursing program that was linked with Clark State Community College.

Cherie Rebar one of the professors in the nursing program had a lot to say about this new program.

When asked about her thoughts on the program she said, “I think it is exciting to be part of something new.”

“I’ve been a faculty member for two prelicensure nursing programs, and two graduate nursing programs. I like having the opportunity to create and shape something from scratch, and that is what brought me to Witt,” Rebar said.

Rebar is not the only one excited about the new program. Kelley Antione (’20) has the privilege to call nursing her major.

When asked what she thinks about the program, she said, “This (the nursing program) is so fun to be a part of! I knew the second that I applied that Wittenberg was going to be the school for me. Since the program is so new, I knew that I would be a guinea pig for the school, and it has been interesting so far!”

The summer before the freshman class came in, the school was beginning to prepare for the upcoming class. With a brand-new nursing lab fully equipped with test dummies, hospital beds, models and more.

The program itself seems to be challenging. Rebar said, “There are always things that need to be changed, because that is inherent within the profession of nursing as well as within education itself. We have to remain flexible to incorporate new modalities of education, as much as we have to be abreast of changing health care policy and evidence-based best practices.”

When comparing the new program to nursing programs near, its clear that it is a new program. For example, in order to get into the program all, you need is a 2.5 GPA. At the University of Cincinnati, you need a 2.0 to maintain in the program, but to get into the program itself you have to have an extremely high SAT score.

Antione had a lot to say when comparing schools.

“Wittenberg cannot compare to other schools in the sense that other schools have professors on campus whereas Wittenberg has mostly adjunct professors, so it is sometimes hard to reach them,” Antoine said.

Like any new program Wittenberg has much work and many obstacles ahead but with the right tools it will be successful.

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