February 21, 2024

Netflix recently added the show “The Curse of Oak Island” to their expansive list of available TV shows and movies. The show is perfect for the treasure hunters and history aficionados of the world. “The Curse of Oak Island” is also great for the cold winter months to provide an adventure when you are cooped up in the dorm and it seems impossible to get out of your room.

The show—which is a combination of reality and documentary—follows two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, in their quest to find the buried treasure that is supposedly on Oak Island. The island is located in Nova Scotia, which is off the coast of Maine and part of Canada.

The mysterious search for treasure began in 1799 when a group of three young men visited the island to investigate random lights. After looking around, the men found a large depression by the biggest tree on the island and began to investigate. After digging, the men also found oak platforms, which seemed to indicate tunnels.

This finding has led to a number of theories of what could possibly be located on the island. Everything from Shakespearean manuscripts; to religious artifacts, like the art of the covenant and the holy grail; to buried pirate treasure and even hidden Aztec treasure. Through the years, hunters were buoyed on by finding small trinkets of value, like Spanish coins, as well as strange rocks seemingly ground down to point towards the treasure.

Supposedly, a curse is held over the island in which seven men must die in order for the treasure to be found. At this point, six men have died in the 220 years of hunting on the island.

The viewer is given a strong basis of the history of the island throughout each episode, so if you were to begin on a current season, you could still get a good understanding.

The show follows the Lagina brothers and their crew as they investigate all possible leads to find the treasure. In doing so, it really makes the audience feel as if they are invested in the search as well. Viewers are able to see excavation projects, scuba diving, archeological digs, valuable metal searches and more. The filming allows the viewer to see real time reactions by the crew and feel the hope and disappointment that goes along with the hunt.

Something I really appreciate about the show is the realness of the search. On the island, nothing ever goes as planned and it seems the crew has to take two steps backward to take one step forward. The crew is faced with problem-solving every single time they try something new. As viewers, we are able to see the different paths the group takes in order to get to the bottom of the mystery of Oak island. The show can be frustrating though, as no monumental findings are usually made.

While the show keeps viewers heavily involved, it can seem overly dramatic. At times during the show, the Laginas seem to play up certain elements in order for the scenes to seem more interesting than they actually are. Most of the time, they explain situations as far more risky than they actually are. At these points it is hard not to roll your eyes and shake your head. This drama ultimately seems unnecessary because viewers are already at the edge of their seats in anticipation of a new finding. 

In general, the show is entertaining and awakens the childhood longing for adventure, intrigue and mystery. If you are looking to enjoy a cold winter day, the History Channel offers the entirety of the first six seasons for free; Hulu and Netflix also offer some of the episodes with a subscription.

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