June 23, 2024

The story of a young girl falling in love has been told over and over again. These stories are told on the big screen, in television series and are extremely popular in young adult novels. That is no different for Rebecca Serle’s “Famous in Love.”

Paige Townsen is a 17-year-old girl from Portland, Oregon. She has a knack for acting and is commonly featured in local plays or commercials shot in Portland. Paige is the youngest of four living in a cramped house with her parents, older sister and niece. While out and about, she comes across a flyer for an audition, it’s the coveted book series “Locked” that’s making it’s move to the big screen and on a whim, she takes the audition.

Walking into a room full of people that look just like you, who may have more experience is terrifying but something that Paige has to face. Her audition was done with Rainer Devon, Hollywood’s golden boy who has been acting since childhood. Rainer is a few years older than Paige but that doesn’t stop their screen test from being epic.

Fast forward, months later they’re on scene in Maui filming the movie “Locked.” Paige isn’t sure she knows how to handle herself on a movie set and her director is convinced of the same. But Rainer is there to comfort her throughout the way, from a hand on her back guiding her to her mark to putting his arms around her to keep her warm. Things seem to be moving in a good direction with Rainer. Paige was out in Maui to work but a little romance never hurt anyone.

A monkey wrench is thrown into the plans when notorious bad-boy and Rainer’s rival gets cast as the second role opposite of Paige, Jordan Wilder. Jordan has a mysterious past and a bad-boy attitude but Paige can’t help but feel connected to him.

While Rainer is off doing press for a different film, will Paige succumb to her feelings for Jordan or steer clear until Rainer returns? Giving into her urges could ruin things for Paige and Rainer, but she can’t deny her feelings for Jordan. They’re more than feelings, they’re something that she wants explained.

With feelings running high and the stakes even higher, who does Paige choose? Will there be a second movie?

This book is thrilling, I am a sucker for a good romance novel and couldn’t put it down. Reading as Paige is going through her ups and downs, dealing with family and friend stress that’s happening back home while juggling her new life is something that I can relate to. But there’s something about reading from the perspective of someone else in a world that you can’t picture yourself in that’ll suck in the reader. While there was a television series that ran for two seasons with the same name and was said to be modeled after the book, there were so many changes. If you enjoyed the television series “Famous in Love” that starred Bella Thorne, then you’re going to love the book.

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