June 18, 2024

By Rachael Fink (’20)

Today, we are celebrating a big milestone for one of Wittenberg’s greatest professors: Professor Scott Rosenberg’s 60 birthday.

Professor Rosenberg grew up in the Big Apple, NYC, in the Bronx with his three brothers. His love of service and desire to understand the world better inspired him to enter the Peace Corps where he served two years in Lesotho, Africa as a farmer. Being from the Bronx and not knowing anything about farming, those two years were filled with challenges and learning curves. However, he fell in love with Lesotho and the kindness and generosity of the Basotho people and learned so much more than he ever could have imagined. What he did not know at the time was that this small country would forever change his life in a way that would keep him connected to Lesotho for forever.

Prof. Rosenberg got his B.A. at Kenyon College, his M.A. at Ohio University, and his Ph.D. at Indiana University. During all of his studies, he also found time to go back to Lesotho, but this time as a Fulbright Scholar, where he worked on research for his dissertation.

With all of his many accomplishments, Rosenberg continues to inspire his students both in the classroom and beyond. His love, dedication and passion for teaching is evident to anyone he meets. One of the most amazing accomplishments of Dr. Rosenberg is his ability to work full-time as a professor at Wittenberg, while also running an incredible non-profit organization: The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative.

Prof. Rosenberg has dedicated so much of his time and energy to pursuing what he loves and has done an amazing job in making the world a better place and inspiring his students through service-learning. He is an inspiration to many- his many accomplishments (distinguished teaching awards, faculty excellence awards, Honorary Council to the Kingdom of Lesotho, etc.) never cease to amaze his students and his peers. It is so incredible what one can accomplish in just 60 short years.

Prof. Rosenberg, though you are getting pretty old, your spirit and drive is still young. Remember, you are not just the age you are- you are all the ages you have ever been! Make sure if you see Dr. Rosenberg, to wish him a happy 60 birthday. Congratulations on these 60 amazing years that you have been making a difference here on this planet, Dr. Rosenberg. Here’s to 60 more.

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