March 1, 2024

Taylor Swift is known for her songs about breakups and her obsession over cats. But in her new Netflix documentary, “Miss Americana” she talks about her sexual assault case, her political views and her mother’s battle with cancer. Swift is showing fans and others in the world her problems and what her life is really like.  

It seems like only Swift’s loyal fans know about her sexual assault case, that eventually led her to go to court in 2017. During one of Taylor’s meet-and-greets then radio host David Mueller posed with the singer for a picture. Years later, the photo was brought up again, not for memory sake or for remembering years prior, but because the man touched her without her consent in an undesirable place. There is a happy ending to his horrible tale though for Swift, who won her case because of the people on her team.  

With the 2020 elections coming up this year, everyone has politics on their minds, especially Swift. In 2018, Swift showed her support to the Tennessee senator candidate Phil Bredsen who was a democrat in the race by posting her views on her Instagram account. Once Swift told the world about her position in politics, there was a lot of backlash. Everyone thought Swift was a Republican because she is known as. “America’s Sweetheart.” But she seems to be on the democratic side because she doesn’t like President Trump and doesn’t agree with his views.  

Lastly her documentary talks about her mother, Andrea’s, battle with cancer. Andrea Swift was diagnosed with cancer in the year of 2015 and has has battled it on and off for years. In recent news, there has been a horrible development in her mother’s condition. There was a brain tumor discovered in her brain. In the documentary Andrea mentions that once she found out she had cancer, she bought a huge dog. She bought the dog because her two children, Taylor and Austin. have moved out of the house, so it is just Andrea, her dog and her husband, Scott. This was super relatable, at least for me, because I had someone in my family diagnosed with cancer over this past summer.

“Miss Americana” seems to be a very different documentary compared to a lot of the most recent ones. She is honest, open and tells the world the realities of being a person rather than a celebrity. If you watch this documentary, I guarantee that you will shed at least one tear because of how much we learn about Taylor Swift’s life. Once again, this documentary is available to stream on Netflix. It would be a good movie to watch if you just want to relax and take it easy.  

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