July 18, 2024

It is that time of the year when everyone has been through at least one semester or more and are looking for things to do, but finding limited options. It’s Ohio and you can’t predict the weather so it’s hard to go outside.

If you could sum up Ohio in one week, it would be this past week. The weather was in the 60’s one day and the next it was snowing and your Dirty Blondes were enjoying their snow day.

You also are just now getting your classes under control giving you more free time. What should you do with the immense free-time filled with opportunities? Explore.

Outside of Wittenberg is an amazing city that has so much to offer when you give it a chance. Many of you drive to campus through low-income areas and see the rough edges of Springfield. You use that perception to create a negative connotation of the city. But we are here to tell you that it is wrong! Springfield is an amazing city with a lot of cool places and things to do. Instead of judging the book by its cover, take a step back, pop the bubble and go outside the limits of the campus. 

Now you may be asking, okay I am outside the limits, but what do I do now? Let us tell you. The options are unlimited (to the city limits of course). If you want a good pizza hit up Station 1, of course. If you’re down for a good day at the brewery venture to Mother Stewarts. In the mood for some art? Go to the Art Museum (It is free for students).

If you like learning about the past, the Springfield Heritage Center is right downtown, within walking distance from campus and is run on donations. You can learn about the booming city that Springfield once was.

Maybe you want great coffee and place to do homework? Go to Winans. Maybe follow it up with a nice sandwich from Salato (if you have not been there, go… right now). But those are just food and beverage options. Springfield also has several festivals, farmers’ markets and events around holidays or even just for the fun of it.

Springfield is doing a lot of amazing things to turn this town into something unique. It is already a hidden gem, you just have to find it. You may have heard of something called COhatch, they are popping up all over Ohio. These are really interesting places that repurpose old buildings into meeting spaces, community kitchens, pop-up shops,, and so much more. A COhatch is being built downtown as we speak. It is called the COhatch Market; the COhatch community has repurposed the old Myer’s Market, which was once the largest and oldest market in America, and they are turning it into a useful space that will have unique opportunities. Once this is up and running, you will not want to miss out. 

To sum it up, get out and enjoy Springfield. You are living in another city for four years of your life, go explore. Your dirty blonde friends enjoy doing homework outside at the Buck Creek Reservoir on warm days and watching as the sunsets over the water. There is beauty everywhere, go find it. 

Enjoy the world, 

Your Dirty Blondes 

P.S here is the link to the Springfield event calendar for 2020. 


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